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Homefront: The Revolution - Aftermath Achievements

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There are 8 achievements with a total of 150 points.

Duck Hunt Duck Hunt 0 Destroy 9 Rubber Ducks. 10
Journalist Journalist 0 Collect 6 Journals. 10
Signal To Noise Signal To Noise 0 Enter the Broadcast Center without detection. 30
Safe and Sound Safe and Sound 0 Complete the upload sequence and escape the Broadcast Center without using a health kit. 10
Death by Boom Death by Boom 0 Kill 2 KPA guards in the compound using explosive canisters. 20

Secret Achievements

DAB Hand DAB Hand 0 Arrive at the Broadcast Center. 10
Walker Stalker Walker Stalker 0 Turn off the Walker broadcast recording. 10
Cookie Monster Cookie Monster 0 Complete Aftermath.


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