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LEGO Worlds Achievements

Full list of LEGO Worlds achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

LEGO Worlds has 61 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Pirate Playground Professional Pirate Playground Professional 0 Complete the Pirate Playground World 10
Prehistoric Protector Prehistoric Protector 0 Complete the Prehistoric Peril World 10
Candy Custodian Candy Custodian 0 Complete the Candy Construction Capers World 10
Rank - Learner Builder! Rank - Learner Builder! 0 Start your Adventure! 10
Rank - Discoverer Builder! Rank - Discoverer Builder! 0 Collect 3 Gold Bricks 10
Rank - Explorer Builder! Rank - Explorer Builder! 0 Collect 10 Gold Bricks 10
Rank - Observer Builder! Rank - Observer Builder! 0 Collect 15 Gold Bricks 10
Rank - Finder Builder! Rank - Finder Builder! 0 Collect 20 Gold Bricks 15
Rank - Traveler Builder! Rank - Traveler Builder! 0 Collect 25 Gold Bricks 15
Rank - Navigator Builder! Rank - Navigator Builder! 0 Collect 30 Gold Bricks 20
Rank - Collector Builder! Rank - Collector Builder! 0 Collect 40 Gold Bricks 20
Rank - Adventurer Builder! Rank - Adventurer Builder! 0 Collect 50 Gold Bricks 30
Rank - Advanced Builder! Rank - Advanced Builder! 0 Collect 65 Gold Bricks 30
Rank - Expert Builder! Rank - Expert Builder! 0 Collect 80 Gold Bricks 40
Rank - MASTER BUILDER!!! Rank - MASTER BUILDER!!! 0 Collect 100 Gold Bricks 50
Champion of Companions Champion of Companions 0 Tame and have two pets following you at the same time 10
Tremendous Vehicular Terraformer Tremendous Vehicular Terraformer 0 Use the terraforming abilities of all capable vehicles 10
Insane stunts! Insane stunts! 0 Get 5 seconds of continuous vehicle air time (not including off the edge of the world) 10
Proficient Parkour Prowess Proficient Parkour Prowess 0 15 seconds of consecutive climbing, jumping or back-flipping 10
The Great and Grand Grappler The Great and Grand Grappler 0 Accumulate 10+ seconds of consecutive zip time with the grapple gun in one grapple session 10
Creature Comforts Creature Comforts 0 Ride 4 different creatures within 60 seconds 10
All Biomed Out All Biomed Out 0 Find all the Biomes 20
Ravenous Stud Collector Ravenous Stud Collector 0 Collect 60,000+ studs in a single streak (no more than a 2 second gap between each stud collected) 10
Champion of Combat Capers Champion of Combat Capers 0 Defeat 7 enemies in a streak (with a maximum 12 second gap in between) 10
The Ultimate Skydive! The Ultimate Skydive! 0 Skydive uninterrupted from the highest point possible to the lowest point possible! 20
Into the Abyss Into the Abyss 0 Dive continually for 3+ minutes 10
Flying Paintbrush Flying Paintbrush 0 Splat a seagull with the paint-ball gun while it's mid-flight 10
Duet Duet 0 Play an instrument next to another player, who's playing a different instrument 10
Highland Coo! Highland Coo! 0 Play bagpipes to a brown bull 10
Trumpet Trunk Trumpeter Trumpet Trunk Trumpeter 0 Play the trumpet to an Elephant 10
Pied Piper of Squirreldom Pied Piper of Squirreldom 0 Have 5 squirrels following you around at the same time 10
Pink Steed Pink Steed 0 Chase down and ride a Pig 10
Fluffy Steed Fluffy Steed 0 Chase down and ride a Sheep 10
A Well-Trained Dragon A Well-Trained Dragon 0 Blow up another player with a ridden Dragon fire ball 10
Civilization! Civilization! 0 Find and walk around a Town 10
It's Dangerous To Go Alone! It's Dangerous To Go Alone! 0 Find an item in a chest 15
Photogenic Photogenic 0 Take a picture of a posing character 10
Legendary 1x1 Brick Legendary 1x1 Brick 0 Find the Legendary 1x1 Brick 20
Legendary 1x2 Brick Legendary 1x2 Brick 0 Find the Legendary 1x2 Brick 20
Legendary 2x2 Brick Legendary 2x2 Brick 0 Find the Legendary 2x2 Brick 20
Legendary 2x3 Brick Legendary 2x3 Brick 0 Find the Legendary 2x3 Brick 20
Legendary 2x4 Brick Legendary 2x4 Brick 0 Find the Legendary 2x4 Brick 30
Legendary 1x2 Slope Brick Legendary 1x2 Slope Brick 0 Find the Legendary 1x2 Slope Brick 20
Legendary 2x2 Slope Brick Legendary 2x2 Slope Brick 0 Find the Legendary 2x2 Slope Brick 20
Legendary 1x3 Slope Brick Legendary 1x3 Slope Brick 0 Find the Legendary 1x3 Slope Brick 20
Legendary 2x3 Slope Brick Legendary 2x3 Slope Brick 0 Find the Legendary 2x3 Slope Brick 20
Legendary 1x4 Slope Brick Legendary 1x4 Slope Brick 0 Find the Legendary 1x4 Slope Brick 20
Legendary 2x4 Slope Brick Legendary 2x4 Slope Brick 0 Find the Legendary 2x4 Slope Brick 20
Legendary 1x2x3 Slope Brick Legendary 1x2x3 Slope Brick 0 Find the Legendary 1x2x3 Slope Brick 20
Legendary 2x2x3 Slope Brick Legendary 2x2x3 Slope Brick 0 Find the Legendary 2x2x3 Slope Brick 20
Legendary 2x2 Corner Brick Legendary 2x2 Corner Brick 0 Find the Legendary 2x2 Corner Brick 20
Legendary 3x3 Corner Brick Legendary 3x3 Corner Brick 0 Find the Legendary 3x3 Corner Brick 20
Hopping Hot and High Hopping Hot and High 0 Bounce on Lava 7 times consecutively 30
Full Scale Musical Full Scale Musical 0 Play all the musical note bricks within 10 seconds 10
Dark, Dank and Dangerous Dark, Dank and Dangerous 0 Find a Dungeon 15
Land Shark! Land Shark! 0 Ride a Shark on land 10
Designer's Delight Designer's Delight 0 Collect all the brick elements 20
Troublemaker Takedown Troublemaker Takedown 0 Catch a Troublemaker 10
Bartering, Banter and Balloons! Bartering, Banter and Balloons! 0 Buy something from the night Trader 10
Billionaire! Billionaire! 0 Collect a billion studs 40

Secret Achievements

BADGER! BADGER! 0 Ride a Badger