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Lost Words: Beyond the Page Achievements

Full list of Lost Words: Beyond the Page achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Stage is Set The Stage is Set 0 Finish Chapter 1 50
The Journey Begins The Journey Begins 0 Finished Chapter 2 50
The First Descent The First Descent 0 Finished Chapter 3 50
A New Companion A New Companion 0 Finished Chapter 4 50
Into Solitude Into Solitude 0 Finished Chapter 5 50
Facing the Beast Facing the Beast 0 Finished Chapter 6 50
The Shimmer of Hope The Shimmer of Hope 0 Finished Chapter 7 50
Page Master Page Master 0 Unlocked your full potential 25
The End? The End? 0 Finished Chapter 8 50
A World Reborn A World Reborn 0 Started something new 150
True Guardian True Guardian 0 Found all the Fireflies 150
Collect-o-mania Collect-o-mania 0 Collected the items in Estoria 1 25
To Infinity and Beyond To Infinity and Beyond 0 Looped a diary page for 5 secs 25
Lightbringer Lightbringer 0 Lit all the torches in E8 25
A Friend Indeed A Friend Indeed 0 Helped the trapped villager in E2 25

Secret Achievements

Always bet on black Always bet on black 0 Collected every black asterisk 50
Token of Appreciation Token of Appreciation 0 Played to the end of the credits 25
Hear Ye, Hear Ye Hear Ye, Hear Ye 0 Rang the bell in E1 25
PieCeption PieCeption 0 On D4.13, threw the pie to the left have it loop around the screen to the first line 25
It's a miracle It's a miracle 0 On D5.5, finishing doing all the washing up 25
No Remorse No Remorse 0 Knocked every frozen Seakin over in E6 25