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De-formers Achievements

Full list of De-formers achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

De-formers has 23 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Make an Entrance Make an Entrance 0 Complete an online match 15
With a little help from my friends With a little help from my friends 0 Complete a match online in Splitscreen 20
Stepped Up Stepped Up 0 Level up! 15
Keep rolling, rolling, rolling Keep rolling, rolling, rolling 0 Reach Level 10 35
Get on my level Get on my level 0 Reach Level 20 85
The Pledge The Pledge 0 Earn your first Prestige rank 20
The Turn The Turn 0 Reach Silver ranking in Prestige 40
The Prestige The Prestige 0 Reach Gold ranking in Prestige 100
A True Rampage A True Rampage 0 Get 5 kills with a single Rampage 35
Legionnaire Legionnaire 0 Get 50 Kills 20
Centurion Centurion 0 Get 100 Kills 40
Formidable Formidable 0 Get 250 Kills 65
Every Blob has its day Every Blob has its day 0 Get 500 Kills 100
GOOOOOOOOOOAL!!! GOOOOOOOOOOAL!!! 0 Score a goal in Form Ball 20
Heartbreaker Heartbreaker 0 Get 10 Saves in Form Ball 30
Playmaker Extraordinaire Playmaker Extraordinaire 0 Get 15 Assists in Form Ball 30
In Rare Form In Rare Form 0 Score 25 goals in Form Ball 35
Clinical Finisher Clinical Finisher 0 Score 50 goals in Form Ball 90

Secret Achievements

Tip o' the Hat Tip o' the Hat 0 Score a Hat Trick in Form Ball 70
Stack Broker Stack Broker 0 Break 100 stacks 25
Consummate Victor Consummate Victor 0 Consume 5000 pieces of debris (including gibs) 70
Predator Predator 0 Kill an enemy while you're cloaked 15
Make the bad man fly! Make the bad man fly! 0 Kill an enemy using the pit in the center of Big Top 25