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Vikings: Wolves of Midgard Achievements

Full list of Vikings: Wolves of Midgard achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard has 38 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Ulfung Savior! Ulfung Savior! 0 Defend Ulfung Village. 15
Jokul Challenger Jokul Challenger 0 Defeat the Jokul. 15
Hunter Hunter 0 Complete any Hunt map. 15
Liberator of Flotnar Liberator of Flotnar 0 Liberate Flotnar village. 15
Pyro Ploy! Pyro Ploy! 0 Burn the Imperial Fleet. 15
Imp Hunter Imp Hunter 0 Complete the Imp Hunt. 15
Moongarm Moongarm 0 Complete the game as the Warrior. 30
Moonbikkja Moonbikkja 0 Complete the game as the Shieldmaiden. 30
Son of Odin Son of Odin 0 Complete Game+. 75
Tomtecide Tomtecide 0 Killed 500 Tomte. 15
Lord of the Ring Lord of the Ring 0 Keep Draupnir for yourself. 15
Otherworld Traveler Otherworld Traveler 0 Travel to Utgard. 15
Master Smith Master Smith 0 Unlock level 5 of the Smithy. 15
Master Shipwright Master Shipwright 0 Unlock level 4 of the Shipmaster. 15
Jotun's Bane Jotun's Bane 0 Kill 100 Jotun. 30
Crowd Clearer Crowd Clearer 0 Kill four foes in a single attack. 15
Berserker! Berserker! 0 Rage continuously for over 20 seconds. 15
Ragnar Lodbrok Ragnar Lodbrok 0 Become chieftain of all the clans. 15
Metal Mayhem Metal Mayhem 0 Survive the Mire-Witch's spell. 15
True Viking True Viking 0 Complete the game on the highest difficulty. 50
Bloody Viking Bloody Viking 0 Earn 1,000,000 Blood. 15
Follower of Loki Follower of Loki 0 Unlock all Gifts in Loki's gift tree. 30
Follower of Odin Follower of Odin 0 Unlock all Gifts in Odin's gift tree. 30
Follower of Skathi Follower of Skathi 0 Unlock all Gifts in Skathi's gift tree. 30
Follower of Tyr Follower of Tyr 0 Unlock all Gifts in Tyr's gift tree. 30
Follower of Thor Follower of Thor 0 Unlock all Gifts in Thor's gift tree. 30
Dawn of Winter Dawn of Winter 0 Complete Campaign 1. 15
Rise of the Wolves Rise of the Wolves 0 Complete Campaign 2. 15
Distant Shores Distant Shores 0 Complete Campaign 3. 15
Winter Hunter Winter Hunter 0 Completed all Hunt maps. 30
Gotta Find 'Em All Gotta Find 'Em All 0 Find all Artifacts. 40
Baker's Dozen Baker's Dozen 0 Perform 1000 rolls. 15
Gold Standard Trader Gold Standard Trader 0 Earn 50,000 gold by selling resources. 15
Ultimate Challenger! Ultimate Challenger! 0 Complete all Challenges on all maps. 75
Rune Bound Rune Bound 0 Equip three runes on a single item. 15
Ringer of Runes Ringer of Runes 0 Collect one of every rune. 30
Valhalla Mode Valhalla Mode 0 Accomplish campaign in Valhalla Mode. 30
Valhalla Champion Valhalla Champion 0 Accomplish campaign in Valhalla Mode on highest difficulty. 100