TROLL AND I Achievements

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There are 26 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Teamwork Teamwork 0 Complete the game in co-op 90
Almost Home Almost Home 0 Defeat Nico and his men 90
History Reader History Reader 0 Collect all Diary Entries 90
Just add Rocks Just add Rocks 0 Close all of the fractures 90
Destroy the Sirens Destroy the Sirens 0 Destroy all Hunter sirens 90
Abilities master Abilities master 0 Collect all Troll idols and max out ability points 90
Skills master Skills master 0 Collect all Otto idols and max out skill points 90
Freedom Freedom 0 Free the prisoner 30
Giant Killer Giant Killer 0 Defeat the Ahky boss 30
Push On Through Push On Through 0 Complete the mineral mine scene 30
Through The Barricade Through The Barricade 0 Complete the collapsed bridge scene 30
Master Combatant Master Combatant 0 Kill 60 enemies 30
Intermediate Combatant Intermediate Combatant 0 Kill 30 enemies 30
Vanished Vanished 0 Discover the hide ability 30
Uplifting Uplifting 0 Open the Troll door and enter the caves 30
Come Crashing Down Come Crashing Down 0 Drop the airplane in the crash scene 30
The Plot Thickens The Plot Thickens 0 A dying hunter tells his story 10
Magical Mystery Magical Mystery 0 Use a power stone 10
Hunted hunters Hunted hunters 0 Defend against a troll hunter 10
Explosive Explosive 0 Use an explosive spear 10
Defend Together Defend Together 0 Kill 10 scavengers using spears while on Troll's back 10
Better Together Better Together 0 Complete the crash scene in co-op mode 10
Hunter Gatherer Hunter Gatherer 0 Collect 10 health plants 10
Crafter Crafter 0 Craft a melee weapon 10
Proven Combatant Proven Combatant 0 Kill an enemy 10
Proven Hunter Proven Hunter 0 Hunt and skin a boar 10