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TowerFall Ascension Achievements

Full list of TowerFall Ascension achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

TowerFall Ascension has 23 achievements worth 1500 gamerscore

Serpent Hymns Serpent Hymns 0 Discover Sunken City 25
Omens Omens 0 Discover Moonstone 25
Creation Myth Creation Myth 0 Discover TowerForge 25
Ascension Ascension 0 Discover Ascension 50
Exuluna Exuluna 0 Unlock the White Archer 25
Fabled Recluse Fabled Recluse 0 Unlock the Yellow Archer 50
Demented Thespian Demented Thespian 0 Unlock the Cyan Archer 25
Demon Queen Demon Queen 0 Unlock the Purple Archer 50
Battle Stenography Battle Stenography 0 Earn 90% of the Versus Awards 100
Tall Tales Tall Tales 0 Play 1,000 rounds of Versus mode 50
Massive Mythology Massive Mythology 0 Play 5,000 rounds of Versus mode 100
Thief's Badge Thief's Badge 0 Beat 10 diamond times in Trials mode 100
Reaper's Crown Reaper's Crown 0 Earn a gold skull on King's Court in Quest mode 100
Way of the Order Way of the Order 0 Complete the first 3 towers of Quest mode 25
Rapture Rapture 0 Complete Ascension in Quest mode 100
Crimson Shield Crimson Shield 0 Earn 8 red skulls in Quest mode 50
Golden Goddess Golden Goddess 0 Earn 14 red skulls in Quest mode 100

TowerFall Ascension - Dark World

There are 6 achievements with a total of 500 points.

Wretched Seer Wretched Seer 0 Complete The Amaranth in Dark World mode 50
Lady Abigail Lady Abigail 0 Complete Dreadwood in Dark World mode 50
The Blind Lich The Blind Lich 0 Complete Darkfang in Dark World mode 50
Cataclysm Cataclysm 0 Complete Cataclysm in Dark World mode 50
Dream Team Dream Team 0 Complete the four main stages of Dark World mode on Hardcore difficulty 150
Dark World Conquerors Dark World Conquerors 0 Complete the four main stages of Dark World mode on Legendary difficulty 150