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Battle Islands: Commanders Achievements

Full list of Battle Islands: Commanders achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Battle Islands: Commanders has 15 achievements worth 1125 gamerscore

Private Private 0 You have won your first ranked battle! 25
Lieutenant Lieutenant 0 You have won 100 ranked battles! 50
Commander Commander 0 You have won 1,000 ranked battles! 125
Operation MI Operation MI 0 You have reached the Central Pacific Theater! 50
Operation Torch Operation Torch 0 You have reached the North Africa Theater! 75
Operation Husky Operation Husky 0 You have reached the Mediterranean Theater! 100
Operation Barbarossa Operation Barbarossa 0 You have reached the Eastern Front Theater! 150
Operation Neptune Operation Neptune 0 You have reached the Western Front theater! 175
Field Promotion Field Promotion 0 You have promoted 20 units! 50
War Veteran War Veteran 0 Promote 20 units to rank 5 50
Allied Reinforcements Allied Reinforcements 0 You have donated a unit! 10
New Recruit New Recruit 0 You have joined an alliance! 10
Intelligence Debriefing Intelligence Debriefing 0 You have shared a replay with your alliance! 5
Operation Meridian Operation Meridian 0 You have reached the East Asian Theater! 125
Operation Plunder Operation Plunder 0 You have reached the Central Europe Theater! 125