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I Am Bread Achievements

Full list of I Am Bread achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 35 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Cool Story, Dough Cool Story, Dough 0 Get an A++ on a Story level. 30
A Wedge Between Us A Wedge Between Us 0 Get an A++ on a Cheese Hunt level. 30
Always Baguetting Better Always Baguetting Better 0 Get an A++ on a Rampage level. 30
The Best Around The Best Around 0 Get an A++ on a Bagel Race level. 30
The Flour Is Strong With This Bun The Flour Is Strong With This Bun 0 Get an A++ on a Zero Gravity level. 30
The End Is Rye The End Is Rye 0 Complete all Story Levels. 15
Brie-lliant Brie-lliant 0 Complete all Cheese Hunt Levels. 10
Rye Hard Rye Hard 0 Complete all Rampage Levels. 10
Good All-Rounder Good All-Rounder 0 Complete all Bagel Levels. 10
One Giant Leap For Naankind One Giant Leap For Naankind 0 Complete all Zero G Levels. 10
Raconteur Raconteur 0 A++ all Story levels. 90
The Rye Of The Tiger The Rye Of The Tiger 0 A++ all Rampage levels. 90
Turophile Turophile 0 A++ all Cheese Hunt levels. 90
The Final Buntier The Final Buntier 0 A++ all Zero G levels. 90
High-Roller High-Roller 0 A++ all Bagel races. 90
Bagel Space Program Bagel Space Program 0 Launch the Rocket. 15
TV Dinner TV Dinner 0 Break the TV. 15
Bunbreakable Bunbreakable 0 Finish a Cheese Hunt level with 100% integrity. 30
Fresh Slice Fresh Slice 0 Finish a Story level with 100% edibility. No Marmalade allowed. 30
Fuel-Efficient Fuel-Efficient 0 Finish a Zero G level using less than 100 fuel. 30
Bready for Anything Bready for Anything 0 Finish a Story level using Magic Marmalade. 15
You jelly? You jelly? 0 Finish a Story level with both sides covered in jam (jelly). 15
The Walking Bread The Walking Bread 0 Finish a Story level with exactly 1% edibility. 15
Shadough of the Colossus Shadough of the Colossus 0 Climb atop the Garbage Truck in any mode. 15
Picky Eater Picky Eater 0 Use more than one heat source to toast yourself in a single Story run. 15
Bunfortunate Bunfortunate 0 Spill the salt. 15
Doughny Hawk Doughny Hawk 0 Stand upright on the skateboard and ride it for 1m or more as the Wholemeal bread. 15
All Buttered Up All Buttered Up 0 Completely cover yourself in butter and get toasted! 15
I Am Dead I Am Dead 0 Become inedible. 15
The Bread Baron The Bread Baron 0 Stay airborne for over 5 seconds on any mode except Zero Gravity. 15
Bread Leader Bread Leader 0 Take out the Starch Destroyer. 15

Secret Achievements

Rye and Dry Rye and Dry 0 Use the Hairdryer. 15
"Grooovy" "Grooovy" 0 Start the Chainsaw. 15
"Party's Over!" "Party's Over!" 0 Start the Lawnmower. 15
Joy-rye-der Joy-rye-der 0 Start the car. 15