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Path of Exile Achievements

Full list of Path of Exile achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Path of Exile has 82 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Challenger Challenger 0 Completed the Labyrinth. 10
Leader Leader 0 Completed the Cruel Labyrinth. 10
Lord Lord 0 Completed the Merciless Labyrinth. 10
Emperor Emperor 0 Completed the Endgame Labyrinth. 10
Freedom Freedom 0 Freed the Scion. 10
Beginning of the End Beginning of the End 0 Reached level 60. 10
Foot of the Mountain Foot of the Mountain 0 Reached level 70. 10
Scaling the Ladder Scaling the Ladder 0 Reached level 80. 10
Diminishing Returns Diminishing Returns 0 Reached level 90. 10
Locomancer Locomancer 0 Tagged every waypoint as one character. 10
No Loose Ends No Loose Ends 0 Completed every side-quest as one character. 10
Left to Chance Left to Chance 0 Created a Unique item using an Orb of Chance. 10
Well-Connected Well-Connected 0 Created an item with six linked sockets using an Orb of Fusing. 10
Gemling Gemling 0 Had a Skill Gem reach level 20. 10
Overcharged Overcharged 0 Had 15 combined Endurance, Frenzy, and Power Charges active simultaneously. 10
Elemental Trinity Elemental Trinity 0 Slayed an enemy that is simultaneously Ignited, Shocked, and Frozen. 10
Geared Up Geared Up 0 Equipped a Rare or Unique item in every non-Flask slot. 10
Cryomancer Cryomancer 0 Shattered 5 monsters with a single action. 10
One of a Kind One of a Kind 0 Equipped a Unique item. 10
Paradigm Shift Paradigm Shift 0 Allocated a Keystone Passive Skill. 10
Explorer Explorer 0 Fully cleared an end-game Map area. 10
Traitor Traitor 0 Helped all three Bandit Lords. 10
Ancestral Power Ancestral Power 0 Had 3 Totems alive at one time. 10
Zombie Horde Zombie Horde 0 Had 9 Raised Zombies at the same time. 10
Elemental Aegis Elemental Aegis 0 Had at least 75% resistance to Fire, Cold, and Lightning. 10
Dream within a Dream Dream within a Dream 0 Had a Unique Map drop within a Unique Map. 10
Specialist Specialist 0 Allocated a character's fourth Keystone Passive. 10
Raise the Bar Raise the Bar 0 Had at least 90% resistance to any Element. 10
Vaal Gemling Vaal Gemling 0 Had a Vaal Skill Gem reach level 20. 10
Full Spectrum Full Spectrum 0 Corrupted an item to have a white socket. 10
Behold My Army Behold My Army 0 Had 60 Minions at the same time. 10
Hostile Territory Hostile Territory 0 Corrupted a map to have eight mods. 10
Dream Corruption Dream Corruption 0 Corrupted a map into a Vaal Temple map. 10
Virtue Corruption Virtue Corruption 0 Corrupted a skill gem into a Vaal skill gem. 10
Dream Enrichment Dream Enrichment 0 Enhanced a map with a Vaal fragment. 10
Identity Corruption Identity Corruption 0 Corrupted an item to have a new implicit mod. 10
Queen of Sacrifice Queen of Sacrifice 0 Killed Atziri in the Apex of Sacrifice. 10
Soothsaying Soothsaying 0 Handed in a Full Set of Divination Cards to Tasuni. 10
Invested with Blood Invested with Blood 0 Reserved 95% or more of your Life. 10
Time Capsule Time Capsule 0 Opened a Vaal Vessel in a corrupted zone. 10
Maraketh Steel Maraketh Steel 0 Equipped each Maraketh Weapon type. 10
Alchemist's Stone Alchemist's Stone 0 Crafted a Jewel with four mods using an Orb of Alchemy. 10
Imperfections Imperfections 0 Corrupted a Unique Jewel into a different Unique Jewel. 10
Unique Influence Unique Influence 0 Equipped a Unique Jewel with a radius. 10
Loyal to the End Loyal to the End 0 Killed Argus. 10
Deicide Deicide 0 Killed a god and obtained their power. 10
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Killed Izaro and had him drop 3 treasure keys. 10
Two of a Kind Two of a Kind 0 Equipped two unique items with the same name. 10
Decimation Decimation 0 Completed a map that was affected by 10 or more mods. 10
One Small Step One Small Step 0 Opened a map in the map device and stepped through its portal. 10
The Forsaken Masters The Forsaken Masters 0 Level all the Masters to their maximum Decoration Level. 10
Beyond Death Beyond Death 0 Killed Abaxoth, The End of All That Is. 10
All in a Day's Work All in a Day's Work 0 Complete a Master's Atlas Objective. 10
Omnipotent Omnipotent 0 Fully upgraded every god power. 10
Essence Corruption Essence Corruption 0 Corrupted an Essence monster with a Remnant of Corruption. 10
Warlord Warlord 0 Killed all Warbands leaders. 10
Quintessence Quintessence 0 Killed a monster that is under the influence of five Essence mods. 10
Unforgettable Unforgettable 0 Found all of the Shaper's Memory Fragments. 10
Augmentation Augmentation 0 Used an orb to change the mods of a Strongbox. 10
Deadly Sins Deadly Sins 0 Obtained every Pantheon power. 10
Apprentice Cartographer Apprentice Cartographer 0 Completed all of the white maps on the Atlas. 10
Journeyman Cartographer Journeyman Cartographer 0 Completed all of the yellow maps on the Atlas. 10
Master Cartographer Master Cartographer 0 Completed all of the red maps on the Atlas. 10
Atlas of Worlds Atlas of Worlds 0 Completed every map on the Atlas. 30
Grandmaster Grandmaster 0 Completed the Hall of Grandmasters. 10
New World Order New World Order 0 Upgraded a map with a Shaper's Orb. 10
Breachlord Breachlord 0 Killed every Breachlord. 10
Ascendancy Ascendancy 0 Chose an Ascendancy class. 10
Ruler of the Court Ruler of the Court 0 Defeated the Pale Council. 10

Secret Achievements

Mercy Killing Mercy Killing 0 Killed Brutus, Warden of Axiom Prison. 10
The Star of Wraeclast The Star of Wraeclast 0 Killed Merveil, the Siren. 10
A New Dawn A New Dawn 0 Vanquished the Vaal Oversoul. 10
Heretic Heretic 0 Killed High Templar Dominus. 10
End of the Nightmare End of the Nightmare 0 Killed Malachai, The Nightmare. 10
Fall of Oriath Fall of Oriath 0 Completed Part 1. 50
King Tide King Tide 0 Killed T'soagoth, the Brine King. 10
Widow's Lament Widow's Lament 0 Killed Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows. 10
Eternal Eclipse Eternal Eclipse 0 Killed Lunaris and Solaris. 10
Rule of Three Rule of Three 0 Killed the Depraved Trinity. 10
Sin and Salvation Sin and Salvation 0 Completed Part 2. 50
Sacrifice of the Vaal Sacrifice of the Vaal 0 Killed Atziri in the Alluring Abyss. 50
Shaper of Worlds Shaper of Worlds 0 Killed the Shaper. 50