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GreedFall Achievements

Full list of GreedFall achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

GreedFall has 63 achievements worth 1100 gamerscore

A passion for extreme A passion for extreme 0 Complete the game in extreme mode 150
Serve to convince Serve to convince 0 Complete 20 secondary quests 10
Friendship above all Friendship above all 0 Finish all companion quests 10
Guardian of love Guardian of love 0 Be in a relationship with Kurt 10
Minundhanem Minundhanem 0 Be in a relationship with Siora 10
Love and botany Love and botany 0 Be in a relationship with Aphra 10
Love and the sea Love and the sea 0 Be in a relationship with Vasco 10
Arena Excellence Arena Excellence 0 Succeed in all the challenges of the arena 10
Carants Carants 0 Have a good reputation with the natives 10
Thélème's chosen Thélème's chosen 0 Have a good reputation with Thélème 10
Favoured with the Bridge Alliance Favoured with the Bridge Alliance 0 Have a good reputation with the Bridge Alliance 10
Explorer Explorer 0 Find and set all camp fires 10
Melee virtuoso Melee virtuoso 0 Do damage 500 times with a melee weapon 10
War mage War mage 0 Do damage 500 times with an offensive spell 10
Musketeer Musketeer 0 Do damage 300 times with shots 10
Deceitful Deceitful 0 Do damage 200 times with traps 10
Poisoning artist Poisoning artist 0 Poison enemies 100 times 10
Another sip? Another sip? 0 Use 50 potions 10
Shadow blade Shadow blade 0 Use your assassination skills 30 times 10
Hunting with hounds Hunting with hounds 0 Hunt 20 animals 10
The monsters' nightmare The monsters' nightmare 0 Kill 600 monsters 10
Coercive diplomacy Coercive diplomacy 0 Kill 300 humans 10
Full pockets Full pockets 0 Empty 100 containers 10
Curiosity cabinet Curiosity cabinet 0 Collect ingredients 200 times 10
Worthy of legends Worthy of legends 0 Acquire a legendary item 10
In the footsteps of the masters In the footsteps of the masters 0 Unlock a new skill 10
The art of war The art of war 0 Unlock all the warrior skills 10
Incomparable technique Incomparable technique 0 Unlock all Technical skills 10
Magical perfection Magical perfection 0 Unlock all Magic skills 10
Full of talent Full of talent 0 Allocate a new talent point 10
Expertise Expertise 0 Unlock the 3 levels of a talent 10
Cat burglar Cat burglar 0 Pick 20 locks 10
Artisan Artisan 0 Craft 10 equipment improvements 10
Alchemist Alchemist 0 Craft 10 alchemical elements 10
On the path to power On the path to power 0 Allocate a new attribute point 10
In search of perfection In search of perfection 0 Unlock the 5 levels of an attribute 10

Secret Achievements

All sails set! All sails set! 0 You have finally taken the path to Teer Fradee 10
The Prince's secrets The Prince's secrets 0 You have discovered the secret of the Congregation and your origins 10
Missed coup Missed coup 0 You prevented the Coin Guard from attempting a coup 50
Betrayal in blood Betrayal in blood 0 You had to kill the friend who betrayed you 10
In the name of the Enlightened In the name of the Enlightened 0 You have decided to save Thélème from the Guard's coup 10
A preserved Alliance A preserved Alliance 0 You have decided to save the Alliance from the Guard's coup 10
Waterproof Waterproof 0 You have passed Glendan's test 10
Outside the stone prison Outside the stone prison 0 You have freed Constantin from the claws of Vinbarr 10
Influence game Influence game 0 You have influenced the election to make your favourite become high-king. 10
En on míl frichtimen En on míl frichtimen 0 You entered the shrine and spoke to En on míl frichtimen 10
Something is rotten Something is rotten 0 You have discovered Constantin's actions 10
All for one, one for all! All for one, one for all! 0 You managed to unite all factions against Constantin 50
A better world A better world 0 You have managed to reconcile all the factions and restore balance 50
Back to the roots Back to the roots 0 You have decided to abandon the old continent to its sad fate 50
A big step towards peace A big step towards peace 0 You have chosen balance, but you miss some of your allies 50
Island for sale Island for sale 0 You have favoured the old world at the expense of your roots 50
New gods New gods 0 You have become one of the new deities of the island alongside Constantin 50
Master of the woods Master of the woods 0 Kill a Wood Guardian 10
King of the peaks King of the peaks 0 Kill a Mountain Guardian 10
Swamp creature Swamp creature 0 Kill a Swamp Guardian 10
The wrecker The wrecker 0 Kill a Beach Guardian 10
The legend of the plains The legend of the plains 0 Kill a Plains Guardian 10

GreedFall - The de Vespe Conspiracy

There are 5 achievements with a total of 100 points.

Wildcat Hunter Wildcat Hunter 0 Kill 20 Egsregatts 10
Unique Weapons Unique Weapons 0 Find all unique weapons hidden in the Aidág ol creidaw region 10

Secret Achievements

A Dangerous Fiancée A Dangerous Fiancée 0 Bring the chest back to Aurélia De Vespe 10
Cancelled Wedding Cancelled Wedding 0 Put an end to Aurélia De Vespe's schemes 20
De Vespe Secret Archives De Vespe Secret Archives 0 Recover all of Aurélia De Vespe’s files 50