Snake Pass Achievements

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There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Gated Progress Gated Progress 0 Fixed The First Gate 10
Gate Crasher Gate Crasher 0 Placed Three Keystones Into The Gate 15
Snakes On A Plain Snakes On A Plain 0 Received A Gift From Bol-Dor, Earth Gatekeeper 30
Blowing Bubbles Blowing Bubbles 0 Received A Gift From Sog-Gee, Water Gatekeeper 30
Hot Topic Hot Topic 0 Received A Gift From Cyn-Derr, Fire Gatekeeper 30
Easy Breezy Easy Breezy 0 Received A Gift From Bloh-Wee, Air Gatekeeper 30
Danger Is My Middle Name Danger Is My Middle Name 0 Activated A Gate Without Activating Any Checkpoints 30
Archaeologist Archaeologist 0 Disturbed A Gatekeeper Idol In Every Level 30
Quetzalcoatl Quetzalcoatl 0 Completed Every Level Without Dying 90
Terminal Velocity Terminal Velocity 0 Fell From A Great Height 15
Pedantic Progress Pedantic Progress 0 Collected And Placed Keystones On The Gate One At A Time 20
Need A Lift? Need A Lift? 0 Used Hummingbird's Tail Lift Continuously In Paradise Path 15
Hole In One Hole In One 0 Got A Hole In One On Crooked Canal 15
No Diving No Diving 0 Completed Lazy Lagoon Without Touching The Water 30
Floor Is Molten Rock Floor Is Molten Rock 0 Collected Two Keystones In Gatekeeper Gardens Without Touching The Floor 30
Rocket Snake Rocket Snake 0 Maintained Top Slither Speed For 10 Seconds 15
Rocky beginnings Rocky beginnings 0 Collected All Of Earth's Wisps 30
Wet Wisp Wonderland Wet Wisp Wonderland 0 Collected All Of Water's Wisps 30
Hot Potatoes Hot Potatoes 0 Collected All Of Fire's Wisps 30
Breezy Bonus Breezy Bonus 0 Collected All Of Air's Wisps 30
Totally Minted Totally Minted 0 Collected All Of The Gatekeeper Coins 90

Secret Achievements

Snake Eyes Snake Eyes 0 Used Snake Vision 90
Snake Wrangler Snake Wrangler 0 Used Each Of Noodle's Skills 15
Switch It Up Switch It Up 0 Used Every Type Of Switch 15
Snake? SNAKE? SNAAAAKE! Snake? SNAKE? SNAAAAKE! 0 Death Comes In Many Forms 15
Can't You Read? Can't You Read? 0 Fell To Your Death Near A Danger Sign 20
Do You Even Lift, Bro? Do You Even Lift, Bro? 0 Used Hummingbird's Tail Lift 100 Times 15
Short Haul Flight Short Haul Flight 0 Used Hummingbird Take-Off Points 50 Times 15
Punished Snake Punished Snake 0 Death Has No Meaning To You 15
Expressionism Expressionism 0 Pulled Every Kind Of Face 15
Snakey Wakey Snakey Wakey 0 Collected 20% Of The Collectibles 20
Halfway Hero Halfway Hero 0 Collected 50% Of The Collectibles 30
Total Snakeage Total Snakeage 0 You Can't Get Better Than 100% 90