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Yoku's Island Express Achievements

Find all the Yoku's Island Express achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 31 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Lets get this party started! Lets get this party started! 0 Blow the noisemaker 40
Moneybags Moneybags 0 Get the biggest wallet 30
Belly of the beast Belly of the beast 0 Discover Fosfor’s Lair 30
Treasure hunter Treasure hunter 0 Unlock all treasure chests 30
A ball for every occasion A ball for every occasion 0 Try every ball style 30
That's a big backpack! That's a big backpack! 0 Collect every ability upgrade 30

Secret Achievements

Makin’ friends Makin’ friends 0 Free Kickback 40
Tastes like chicken Tastes like chicken 0 Suck up a slug with the Slug Vacuum 30
Honey, I'm home! Honey, I'm home! 0 Find the Post-office 40
Under pressure Under pressure 0 Save Spina 40
Gone fishin' Gone fishin' 0 Collect the Divefish 30
How it all began How it all began 0 Complete the temple trials 30
Coup de grace Coup de grace 0 Defeat Screetch 40
Makin' more friends Makin' more friends 0 Befriend a Sootling 30
Cleaning out the cobwebs Cleaning out the cobwebs 0 Defeat the Spider 40
Kickback and relax Kickback and relax 0 Complete the story 40
That’s deep That’s deep 0 Discover the heart cluster at the bottom of the sea 30
Weeeee! Weeeee! 0 Ride the Beeline 30
Busy bee Busy bee 0 Unlock all the Beelines 30
Party time! Party time! 0 Deliver the cake to the inventors house 30
All night long! All night long! 0 Toot the noisemaker 100 times 30
That's enough That's enough 0 Toot the noisemaker 1000 times 30
Fancy beetle Fancy beetle 0 Customise Yoku’s ball 30
The mail always gets through The mail always gets through 0 Become the Postmaster 30
Perfectionist Perfectionist 0 Activate all Scarabs 30
Life finds a way Life finds a way 0 Take the surviving egg to Dipperloaf 30
WickerKing WickerKing 0 Collect all Wickerlings 30
The End The End 0 Hatch the God Egg 30
How wonderful How wonderful 0 Complete Willo's quest 30
Spreading spores Spreading spores 0 Complete Rinri's quest 30
Jailor Jailor 0 Complete Thorn quest 30