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Pathologic 2 Achievements

Find all the Pathologic 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

In Kind In Kind 0 Repay kindness in kind 10
Carpetbagger Carpetbagger 0 Remind a colleague of the Hippocratic Oath—and fail 10
Fate No More Fate No More 0 Refuse fate—and face the consequences 10
Heavenly Train Heavenly Train 0 Try your hand at train-summoning 50
Another Sky Another Sky 0 Witness another Sky 50
Dream On Dream On 0 Witness all dreams—including those you'd rather not 50
One For All One For All 0 Face the future with Lara, Grief, and Stakh 100
No Reflection No Reflection 0 Disperse all Reflections 50
L'appel du Vide L'appel du Vide 0 Hear the Plague's voice 10
Clockwork Clockwork 0 Touch the thing that produces time 10
Whee! Whee! 0 Jump from the Polyhedron 10
Magic Lantern Magic Lantern 0 See the Town's history on the walls 10
Victoria's Trace Victoria's Trace 0 Find out if the immortal soul exists 10
Adam Adam 0 Give names to all who are tongue-tied and mute 10
Three Graces Three Graces 0 "Why? What was the purpose of my life?" 10
Umbilical Cord Umbilical Cord 0 Wait with a friend for the next day to come 10
Tag Tag 0 Trade with children twenty-seven times 10
Pantomimes Pantomimes 0 Watch every pantomime 50
Clear Conscience Clear Conscience 0 Return what you didn't deserve 10
Time waits for no one Time waits for no one 0 Tick-tock 10
Time is merciless Time is merciless 0 Tick-tock 10
Life has become shorter yet Life has become shorter yet 0 Tick-tock 10
Days grow shorter Days grow shorter 0 Tick-tock 10
Nights grow shorter Nights grow shorter 0 Tick-tock 10
Seconds slip through your fingers Seconds slip through your fingers 0 Tick-tock 10
You can't hold to the past You can't hold to the past 0 Tick-tock 10
You'll soon run out of time You'll soon run out of time 0 Tick-tock 10
And nothing will remain And nothing will remain 0 Tick-tock 10
Time has worn out Time has worn out 0 Tick-tock 10

Secret Achievements

On the Run On the Run 0 Come now, you haven't given us any time to change the set! 10
We're Only Looking We're Only Looking 0 Meet Measly and Thrush in a dream 10
Rotten Tooth Rotten Tooth 0 Find a house suffering from an ailment other than sand pest 10
Farewell Farewell 0 Return to the Town once again 10
Doctor's Risk Doctor's Risk 0 Test the new serum on yourself 10
Ticking Away Ticking Away 0 Feel the flow of time for the first time 10
Alarm Bell Alarm Bell 0 Hear the alarm bell tolling 10
Comes the Inquisitor Comes the Inquisitor 0 Witness the arrival of Aglaya Lilich 10
Comes the Commander Comes the Commander 0 Witness the arrival of Alexander Block 10
More Than Meat More Than Meat 0 Lock up a shop to preserve a memory 10
Parcels of Life Parcels of Life 0 Save two children from infected houses 10
Not a Dream Not a Dream 0 Bring something invaluable to the outside world 10
Nocturnal Ending Nocturnal Ending 0 Preserve monsters, wonders, and the plague, reviving the past 50
Diurnal Ending Diurnal Ending 0 Preserve the Town of humanity and warmth, giving it a future 100
Late Late 0 Be late to the ending of your own story 10
Deal Deal 0 Make a deal with the Fellow Traveler for some relief from death's burden—and find out what it cost 50
Mute Curse Mute Curse 0 Become cursed to remain silent… sometimes 10
His Grace His Grace 0 Find Grace's new home 10
Wonder Bull Wonder Bull 0 Wait for the bull to speak 50
Big Heart Big Heart 0 Be cured of sand plague by touching the Heart of the Town 20