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Wargroove Achievements

Full list of Wargroove achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Wargroove has 23 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Revenant of Regicide Revenant of Regicide 0 Complete the prologue. 15
Puzzle Practitioner Puzzle Practitioner 0 Complete a puzzle. 15
Arcade Apprentice Arcade Apprentice 0 Complete an arcade run. 15
Gregarious Groover Gregarious Groover 0 Use a Groove. 15
Creative Cartographer Creative Cartographer 0 Create a custom map. 15
Cordial Commander Cordial Commander 0 Win a skirmish game. 15
Worldly Warrior Worldly Warrior 0 Win an online match in Quick Play. 15
Diligent Downloader Diligent Downloader 0 Play a downloaded map. 15
Grand Groover Grand Groover 0 Use every Groove once. 30
Quarter Queen Quarter Queen 0 Complete an arcade run in hard difficulty. 30
Twinkling Tactician Twinkling Tactician 0 Collect 200 stars. 100
Super Strategist Super Strategist 0 Obtain an S Rank on every campaign mission. 90
Joystick Jostler Joystick Jostler 0 Complete all arcade runs. 90
Puzzle Professor Puzzle Professor 0 Complete all puzzles. 90
Art Aficionado Art Aficionado 0 Unlock every item in the gallery. 90

Secret Achievements

Rookie Regent Rookie Regent 0 Complete all missions in Act 1. 30
Warring Woodsman Warring Woodsman 0 Complete all missions in Act 2. 30
Mystic Messenger Mystic Messenger 0 Complete all missions in Act 3. 30
Desert Duelist Desert Duelist 0 Complete all missions in Act 4. 30
Courageous Captain Courageous Captain 0 Complete all missions in Act 5. 30
Decisive Diplomat Decisive Diplomat 0 Complete all missions in Act 6. 30
Magnificent Martyr Magnificent Martyr 0 Complete "An Ancient Adversary". 90
Steadfast Spirit Steadfast Spirit 0 Complete "The Enemy Within". 90