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Chess Ultra Achievements

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There are 38 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Doubled Pawn Doubled Pawn 0 Have two pawns of the same colour on the same file 10
O-O-O O-O-O 0 Castle queenside 10
O-O O-O 0 Castle kingside 10
Check Check 0 Put an opponent in check 10
Checkmate Checkmate 0 Win a game 10
Chop Wood Chop Wood 0 Make a capture or exchange 10
Promotion Promotion 0 Advance a pawn to the eighth rank 10
En Passant En Passant 0 Perform an en passant capture 10
Double Check Double Check 0 Deliver a check by two pieces at the same time 10
Learner Learner 0 Complete all the tutorials 10
Piece Collector Piece Collector 0 Capture 100 pieces 10
Epaulette Mate Epaulette Mate 0 Deliver checkmate where the King is blocked on both sides by his own Rooks 10
Octopus Octopus 0 Place a White Knight on e6 10
Spanish Bishop Spanish Bishop 0 Develop a White King Bishop to b5 10
Tournament Amateur Tournament Amateur 0 Win a tournament 10
Problem Solver Problem Solver 0 Complete 50% of the chess challenges 10
Elo Elo 0 Beat an opponent with an Elo rating higher than yours 10
Stranger Danger Stranger Danger 0 Create a random online game 10
Friendly Fire Friendly Fire 0 Issue an online challenge to a friend 10
Bobby Time Bobby Time 0 Play a game using the Fischer timer 25
Family Fork Family Fork 0 Using a Knight simultaneously attack the enemy King and Queen 25
Elo Elo Elo Elo 0 Beat an opponent with an Elo rating more than 75 higher than yours 25
Tournament Pro Tournament Pro 0 Win 5 tournaments 25
Blind Pigs Blind Pigs 0 Maneuver a pair of Rooks onto your opponent’s second rank 25
Stalemate Stalemate 0 Draw a game by stalemate 50
Tournament Champion Tournament Champion 0 Win a 32 player tournament 50
Elo Elo Elo Elo Elo Elo 0 Beat an opponent with an Elo rating more than 150 higher than yours 100
Chess Champion Chess Champion 0 Beat the computer on Grandmaster difficulty 100
Problem Solved Problem Solved 0 Complete all the chess challenges 100
Tournament Master Tournament Master 0 Win 20 tournaments 150

Secret Achievements

Absolute Pin Absolute Pin 0 Pin a piece against your opponent's King 10
Alekhine’s Gun Alekhine’s Gun 0 Stack two Rooks one behind another in the same file with the Queen at the rear 10
Back-rank Mate Back-rank Mate 0 Deliver checkmate by a Rook or Queen along a back rank, with the King's escape blocked by friendly p 10
Underpromote Underpromote 0 Promote a pawn to a Rook, Bishop, or Knight instead of a Queen 10
Fool's Mate Fool's Mate 0 Win a game in three moves 10
Scholar's Mate Scholar's Mate 0 Win a game in four moves 10
Queen Sacrifice Queen Sacrifice 0 Sacrifice the Queen then go on to win the game 25
Boden's Mate Boden's Mate 0 Deliver checkmate by two crisscrossing Bishops, with the King's escape blocked by friendly pieces 50