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Marvel Heroes Omega Achievements

Find all the Marvel Heroes Omega achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 37 achievements with a total of 1030 points.

Trouble at the Raft Trouble at the Raft 0 Defeat Green Goblin in the Prologue 10
Cleaning Up the Kitchen Cleaning Up the Kitchen 0 Defeat Doctor Octopus in Chapter 1 10
Pursuing the Hood Pursuing the Hood 0 Defeat The Hood in Chapter 2. 15
Meet in Madripoor Meet in Madripoor 0 Defeat Elektra in Chapter 3. 15
Topple the Kingpin Topple the Kingpin 0 Defeat The Kingpin in Chapter 4. 15
Purification Crusade Purification Crusade 0 Defeat Juggernaut in Chapter 5. 15
Stryker Under Siege Stryker Under Siege 0 Defeat Magneto in Chapter 6. 15
Savage Safari Savage Safari 0 Defeat Mister Sinister in Chapter 7. 15
A Doomed World A Doomed World 0 Defeat Doctor Doom in Chapter 8. 15
Throne of Deceit Throne of Deceit 0 Defeat Loki in Chapter 9. 25
Gazillionaire Gazillionaire 0 Loot 1,000,000 Credits. 15
Duped! Duped! 0 Find and Defeat a Cosmic Doop 15
Mobile Command Center Mobile Command Center 0 Visit Six Different Headquarters 15
Targeted Frustration Targeted Frustration 0 Defeat a Training Room Target Dummy. 15
Special Ops Special Ops 0 Complete 14 Different Operations 15
Next Level Crafting Next Level Crafting 0 Level any vendor to level 10. 20
Part-Time Hero Part-Time Hero 0 Rescue 100 civilians in Midtown Patrol. 15
Rounding Up Relics Rounding Up Relics 0 Collect any 100 Relics of the same type 25
Super Hero! Super Hero! 0 Reach level 60 with any hero. 25
Treasure Hunting Treasure Hunting 0 Explore all of the Treasure Rooms in each chapter of Story Missions. 25
The Vault The Vault 0 Loot 100 Artifacts. 25
If They Be Worthy... If They Be Worthy... 0 Complete the Super Heroic Trial with any hero. 20
Living Legend Living Legend 0 Complete 25 Legendary Quests. 25
Mark II Mark II 0 Apply a Modification to an Artifact. 25
Hero for Hire Hero for Hire 0 Open 50 Bounty Chests in Operations 25
Myth No More Myth No More 0 Fully upgrade a Legendary Item. 25
Cleaning Up the Streets Cleaning Up the Streets 0 Defeat 150 Super Villains in Midtown Manhattan. 25
Going for Gold Going for Gold 0 Loot a Cosmic Medallion 50
High Noon High Noon 0 Defeat 7 Different Super Villians in their Showdowns 25
All In a Day's Work All In a Day's Work 0 Complete 24 Different Special Events in Story Mode 25
Back to Basics Back to Basics 0 Prestige any Hero. 25
Strongest One There Is Strongest One There Is 0 Complete the Cosmic Trial with any hero. 90
There and Back Again There and Back Again 0 Prestige any Hero twice. 90
Super Team Super Team 0 Get Five Heroes to Level 60. 90
Beyonder Beyonder 0 Earned all other Marvel Heroes Omega achievements. 100
Sinister Six Shutdown Sinister Six Shutdown 0 Defeat 10 different members of the Sinister Six. 15
Shock to the System Shock to the System 0 Alone, defeat Shocker in under 50 seconds upon entering the Abandoned Subway Operation. 15