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AFL Evolution Achievements

Find all the AFL Evolution achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Cannot Separate Them Cannot Separate Them 0 Draw a match 15
I See It But I Do Not Believe It I See It But I Do Not Believe It 0 Come from 50 points down to win (Medium+) 30
On A String On A String 0 Achieve 40 disposals with 1 player in a match 15
Putting on a Clinic Putting on a Clinic 0 Have 6 or more goal scorers in a match 15
Down to the Wire Down to the Wire 0 Score the winning goal from a set shot after the final siren 15
Having a Shocker Having a Shocker 0 Kick the ball out on the full 3 times in a match 15
Tackle Fest Tackle Fest 0 Perform more than 50 tackles in one match 15
Delicious! Delicious! 0 Take a Speckie 15
The Barrel The Barrel 0 Kick a torpedo goal 60 meters out 15
A Day Out A Day Out 0 Kick 10 goals with one player in a match 15
Woodwork Woodwork 0 Hit the post 15
Grubby Grubby 0 Kick a Grubber Goal 15
Lockett End Lockett End 0 Kick more than 1360 goals 15
Indigenous Indigenous 0 Play a match with every AFL Indigenous Guernsey 15
Coast to Coast Coast to Coast 0 From a kick-in, score a goal without the opposition touching the ball 15
Complete Player Complete Player 0 Complete a total of 200 match objectives 15
Single Minded Single Minded 0 Complete all of your match objectives during a match 15
Premiership Quarter Premiership Quarter 0 Come from behind to lead at the end of the 3rd quarter in an AFL Grand Final (Hard+) 30
Local Heroes Local Heroes 0 Win a VFL Premiership 15
Footy is Back! Footy is Back! 0 Complete the JLT Community Series 15
One Game at a Time One Game at a Time 0 Win an AFL Premiership 15
Back to the Drawing Board Back to the Drawing Board 0 Lose an AFL Grand Final 15
Silverware Silverware 0 In Competition win every competition trophy (Hard+) 65
Total Domination Total Domination 0 Finish a season top of the AFL ladder with no losses (Hard+) 30
Double Chance Double Chance 0 Finish top 4 in a regular AFL season (Medium+) 30
Hall of Famer Hall of Famer 0 Play all seasons in Career mode 15
Back to Back to Back Back to Back to Back 0 In a Career, win 3 AFL Premierships in a row (Medium+) 65
Sharp Shooter Sharp Shooter 0 In a single Career season, kick 30 goals in a row without missing 30
200 Club 200 Club 0 Complete 200 season objectives across multiple Career seasons 30
Cream of the Crop Cream of the Crop 0 In Coach Career, have a footballer achieve a 95 overall rating 15
Chas Chas 0 In Coach Career, a player on your team wins the Brownlow Medal (Medium+) 30
One Team Player One Team Player 0 Retire after playing your whole Pro career at 1 AFL club 15
The Kid Has Potential The Kid Has Potential 0 In Pro Career win the NAB Rising Star 15
BOG BOG 0 In Pro Career have your player win the Norm Smith Medal in an AFL Grand Final 30
Rookie Choice Rookie Choice 0 In Pro Career create a Rookie and play a match 15
Are You Experienced? Are You Experienced? 0 In Pro Career play a match as a listed player 15
The Big League The Big League 0 In Pro Career accept a contract offer to play in the AFL 15
Leadership Group Leadership Group 0 In Pro Career become captain of your team (Medium+) 15
Learning the Ropes Learning the Ropes 0 Reach level 5 as a rookie Pro Career player 15
Ball Sense Ball Sense 0 Reach level 15 as a rookie Pro Career player 15
Old Hand Old Hand 0 Reach level 30 as a rookie Pro Career player 15
Wise Head Wise Head 0 Reach level 50 as a rookie Pro Career player 30
AFL Novice AFL Novice 0 Reach profile level 5 15
AFL Rookie AFL Rookie 0 Reach profile level 15 15
AFL Free Agent AFL Free Agent 0 Reach profile level 30 15
AFL Veteran AFL Veteran 0 Reach profile level 50 30
Networking Networking 0 Complete an online match 15
Bragging Rights Bragging Rights 0 Win 5 online matches in a row 15
New Recruit New Recruit 0 Complete a match using a custom created player 15
Expansion Granted Expansion Granted 0 Complete a match using a custom team 15