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Neighborhorde Achievements

Find all the Neighborhorde achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 14 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

MAGIC SCHMAGIC! MAGIC SCHMAGIC! 0 Defeat the Wiz Boss on Normal difficulty. 50
WEAK SPOT LOCATED! WEAK SPOT LOCATED! 0 Defeat the Worm Boss on Normal difficulty. 50
SPACE FACE! SPACE FACE! 0 Defeat the Alien Boss on Normal difficulty. 50
EASY VICTORY! EASY VICTORY! 0 Beat the Final Fight on Easy difficulty. 100
TRUE VICTORY! TRUE VICTORY! 0 Beat the Final Fight on Normal difficulty. 200
A FULL TEAM! A FULL TEAM! 0 Have 4 players joined. 50
SUPER DUPER! SUPER DUPER! 0 Choose all the superpowers once. 50
FULLY LOADED! FULLY LOADED! 0 Choose all the weapons once. 50
GOOOOOOAL! GOOOOOOAL! 0 Kill a Foot with the Soccerball. 50
GHOST STORIES! GHOST STORIES! 0 Ignite a Ghost with the Campfire. 50
BLOOD SPORT! BLOOD SPORT! 0 Kill a Dodgeball with a Tetherball. 50
KIDS RULE! KIDS RULE! 0 10000 all-time horde kills. 150
FASHION SMASHIN! FASHION SMASHIN! 0 Unlock all wearable items. 50
UNTOUCHABLE! UNTOUCHABLE! 0 Beat Boss 1 with no team downs on Normal. 50