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SpeedRunners Achievements

Find all the SpeedRunners achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 18 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Two Birds, One Stone Two Birds, One Stone 0 Use a bomb on two opponents at the same time. 30
Vengeance, and running! Vengeance, and running! 0 Grapple someone who just grappled you. 30
From Way Downtown From Way Downtown 0 Grapple someone from far away. 100
Smooth Moves! Smooth Moves! 0 Dodge the Golden Hook 10 times. 30
Strike! Strike! 0 Hit three opponents with one fireball. 30
Triple Freeze! Triple Freeze! 0 Freeze three opponents with one ray. 30
Super Speed Super Speed 0 Maintain superspeed for a full second. 100
Deflected! Deflected! 0 Deflect a fireball with a shockwave. 30
100% 100% 0 Reach max XP. 130
Welcome to New Rush City Welcome to New Rush City 0 Beat the final Chapter in Story 50
The King of New Rush City The King of New Rush City 0 Beat all Chapters on Unfair difficulty. 100
Hook Block Hook Block 0 Block 10 golden hooks with crates. 30
A Race against Time A Race against Time 0 Beat the first Chapter in Story. 50
Officer requesting Backup Officer requesting Backup 0 Beat the second Chapter in Story. 50
The most dangerous Game The most dangerous Game 0 Beat the third Chapter in Story 50
Sultan of Swing Sultan of Swing 0 Don't touch the floor for 15 seconds. 100
Ready for Ranked Ready for Ranked 0 Unlock Ranked matches. 30

Secret Achievements

Backfired Backfired 0 Shoot yourself with your own rocket. 30