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Mafia III - Sign of the Times Achievements

Full list of Mafia III - Sign of the Times achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Mafia III - Sign of the Times has 10 achievements worth 320 gamerscore

Barkeep Barkeep 0 Begin Sammy's Renovation 30
Amateur Bouncer Amateur Bouncer 0 Protect Sammy's from the Dixie Mafia 30
Pour Sammy! Pour Sammy! 0 Fully renovate Sammy's 30
Pop, Pop Pop, Pop 0 Kill 4 enemies using Slow-Mo Shooting 10 Times 30
Blade of Death Blade of Death 0 Kill 20 enemies using Throwing Knives 50
Street Rocket Street Rocket 0 Drive a distance of 50 km in the Samson Harrier 30

Secret Achievements

A Little Closure A Little Closure 0 Complete "A Little Closure" 10
Covered in Blood Covered in Blood 0 Complete "Covered in Blood" 30
Haunted Places Haunted Places 0 Investigate the 3 "Places of Darkness" 30
…Worse Than Dying …Worse Than Dying 0 Completed "…Worse Than Dying" 50

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