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Darwin Project Achievements

Full list of Darwin Project achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Darwin Project has 14 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Superstar Superstar 0 Reach level 50 with a Class 200
Better than Freedom Better than Freedom 0 Win 10 matches (excludes Custom or Training) 125
I Lost Track I Lost Track 0 Eliminate 100 opponents (excludes Custom or Training) 125
Everyone Remembers Their First Everyone Remembers Their First 0 Eliminate your first opponent (excludes Custom or Training) 50
Live for Another Day Live for Another Day 0 Win a match (excludes Custom or Training) 50
Better than Contraband Better than Contraband 0 Equip a legendary weapon skin 50
Eating Well Eating Well 0 Complete 30 daily challenges 50
Play of the Game Play of the Game 0 Shoot an opponent from at least 75m away with the Bow (excludes Custom or Training) 50
I Do it for the Fans I Do it for the Fans 0 Deal 100,000 damage throughout your career (excludes Custom or Training) 50
You're Locked in Here With Me You're Locked in Here With Me 0 Eliminate 3 opponents in a single match (excludes Custom or Training) 50
Scavenger Scavenger 0 Search 50 Loot Chests (excludes Custom or Training) 50
Commitment Issues Commitment Issues 0 Reach level 10 with 3 different Classes 50
The Hunt is On The Hunt is On 0 Inspect Clues from 10 different opponents (excludes Custom or Training) 50
Show Off Show Off 0 Deflect 10 opponents' Arrows (excludes Custom or Training) 50