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Super Lucky's Tale Achievements

Full list of Super Lucky's Tale achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Super Lucky's Tale has 58 achievements worth 2000 gamerscore

Gotta Go Fast! Gotta Go Fast! 0 Finished a Burrow Run level. 10
Time's A Flat Circle Time's A Flat Circle 0 Finished a 2D level. 10
Lost in a Book Lost in a Book 0 Completed the Prologue. 5
Electric Slide Electric Slide 0 Completed a Sliding Block Puzzle. 10
They See Me Rollin'... They See Me Rollin'... 0 Completed a Marble Minigame. 10
Down in the Dark Down in the Dark 0 Used a foxhole. 5
Chatterfox Chatterfox 0 Talked to another character. 5
What in Tar-Nation? What in Tar-Nation? 0 Fell into a tar pit. 5
The Fox and the Pound The Fox and the Pound 0 Got crushed. 5
Spelling Bee Spelling Bee 0 Collected all LUCKY letters in a single level. 10
Reach for the Sky Reach for the Sky 0 Collected all Clovers in the Sky Castle chapter. 100
Getting the Paws Dirty Getting the Paws Dirty 0 Collected all Clovers in the Veggie Village chapter. 100
Work Hard, Party Harder Work Hard, Party Harder 0 Collected all Clovers in the Holiday Canyon chapter. 100
Not So Scary After All Not So Scary After All 0 Collected all Clovers in the Spookington chapter. 100
We Will Rebuild We Will Rebuild 0 Sandcastle destroyed! 5
Going Out With A Bang Going Out With A Bang 0 Defeated General Buttons and Mr. FluffinStuff in Three Cannon Salute 25
Put Some Aloe On That Put Some Aloe On That 0 Successfully completed Stuck In Paradise 25
The Show Must Go On The Show Must Go On 0 Successfully rescued the Soggy Boggy Boys’ Audience 25
Everybody Dance Meow Everybody Dance Meow 0 Defeated Lady Meowmalade in her dance club 50
Fast Feet Fast Feet 0 Collected All Diamonds in Secure The Talent 15
Which Way Do I Go? Which Way Do I Go? 0 Looked at every map in Stuck In Paradise 15
Thinking Outside The Box Thinking Outside The Box 0 Beat Stuck in Paradise without flipping a switch and without dying 15
He's Got Mew-ves He's Got Mew-ves 0 Defeated Lady Meow Without Getting Hit 25
We'll Let it Slide We'll Let it Slide 0 Completed all the Sliding Block Puzzles in Gilly Island 25
My Clove Will Go On My Clove Will Go On 0 Collected Every Clover in the Gilly Island 50
Someone Call For a Plumber? Someone Call For a Plumber? 0 Defeated the Yeti in Secure The Talent 15
You Got Lucky This Time... You Got Lucky This Time... 0 Took no damage at the end of Three Cannon Salute 30
Fox and Robbers Fox and Robbers 0 Activated all the Cash Registers 5
Show Me The Money Show Me The Money 0 Collected 15,000 Coins 15
Now That’s Dedication Now That’s Dedication 0 Collected 30,000 Coins 50
I’m a Completionist I’m a Completionist 0 Collected 99,999 Coins 100
Thanks for Playing Thanks for Playing 0 Watched the Credits 10
The Reflex The Reflex 0 Completed all Skill Levels 40
Whacks On Whacks On 0 Completed all Combat Levels 40
Master the Labyrinth Master the Labyrinth 0 Completed all Marble Levels in the Foxington Hub 40
Guardian of Guardians Guardian of Guardians 0 Defeated all of the Levels in Foxington 75
Radio Start Radio Start 0 Interacted with all 5 radios in the Foxington HUB 15
Pixel Rider Pixel Rider 0 Never caught in a single run through of Under Pressure 20
I've Sunken, and I Can't Get Up I've Sunken, and I Can't Get Up 0 Defeated all of the enemies in Top That! 30
Zestfully Clean Zestfully Clean 0 Took a shower in the Foxington HUB. Hooray Hygiene! 10
Foxamania Foxamania 0 Took no damage in the WriggleMania 50
Diamond Dog Diamond Dog 0 Found all 4 diamonds in A Road to Nowhere 20
Did I Do That? Did I Do That? 0 Died in the Foxington Hub 15
Too Close for Comfort Too Close for Comfort 0 Collected all of the collectibles during the cross ladder section of Step by Step 20
Fox in the Roadhouse Fox in the Roadhouse 0 Defeated WriggleMania while wearing the Maxi-Mullet 20
I Pity the Bee I Pity the Bee 0 Had a Buzzkill kill a fellow Buzzkill 15
Sharp Dressed Fox Sharp Dressed Fox 0 Equiped your First costume 20
I Dressed Myself Today! I Dressed Myself Today! 0 Equiped a mix matched costume 20
The Price is Right The Price is Right 0 Purchased all of the costumes from Sky Castle, Veggie Village, Holiday Canyon, and Spookington 50

Secret Achievements

The Karate Kit The Karate Kit 0 Defeated Master Mittens. 75
Tunnel Dweller Tunnel Dweller 0 Burrowed 10,000 Meters 15
Blind Me with Science Blind Me with Science 0 Defeated Tess and Petunia. 75
The Master of Blasters The Master of Blasters 0 Defeated General Buttons and Fluffinstuff 75
It's More Than Luck It's More Than Luck 0 Defeated Jinx and retrieved the Book of Ages 125
Helpful Coop-eration Helpful Coop-eration 0 Helped the Wormal farmer gather his chickens. 40
Rabbits in a Maze Rabbits in a Maze 0 Retrieved King Bunny's carrot within the Garlic King's maze. 40
All Float On All Float On 0 Retrieved the missing floaty to the Yeti. 40
Mushroom Mystery Mushroom Mystery 0 Solved the mushroom puzzle in Loopy Lanterns. 40