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Ashen Achievements

Full list of Ashen achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ashen has 34 achievements worth 1137 gamerscore

Vagrant's Rest Vagrant's Rest 0 Claim Vagrant's Rest. 17
New Lathyrus New Lathyrus 0 Construct all houses in Vagrant's Rest. 17
Fancy Fancy 0 Unlock all townsfolk outfits. 17
Crafter Crafter 0 Unlock all crafting specialities. 17
Brute Island Brute Island 0 Defeat the brute near Vagrant's Rest. 17
Squork Squork 0 Hunt a squork. 17
Trapper Trapper 0 Hunt a rafet. 17
Hunter Hunter 0 Hunt a deer. 17
Big Game Big Game 0 Hunt a Roamar. 17
Contemplation Contemplation 0 Discover the secret of Contemplation. 17
Placebo Placebo 0 Complete Vorsa's journey. 17
Best Served Cold Best Served Cold 0 Complete Eila's journey. 17
Heritage Heritage 0 Complete Jokell's journey. 17
Flesh Wound Flesh Wound 0 Complete Flokir's journey. 17
Fleeing the Nest Fleeing the Nest 0 Meet Kol the wildman. 60
House Warming House Warming 0 Hunt the corb near Vagrant's Rest. 17
Whispers Folk Whispers Folk 0 Take a ride in Eila's barrel. 60
Blind Fashion Blind Fashion 0 Acquire all lanterns. 17
Leap of Faith Leap of Faith 0 Leap into the dark portal. 60
Lathyrus' Last Stand Lathyrus' Last Stand 0 Untangle Sissna's weave at the Palace of Lathyrus. 17
Double Trouble Double Trouble 0 Defeat Touma and Souma. 17
Twin Hearts of Lathyrus Twin Hearts of Lathyrus 0 Reunite the Listener and Human hearts. 60
Malik's Curse Malik's Curse 0 Wear the Umbral Veil. 17
Shadow Walker Shadow Walker 0 Travel the shadow pathways. 60
Threads of Light Threads of Light 0 Wear each relic once. 17

Secret Achievements

Ukkoto Ukkoto 0 Defeat the Elder Dark Ukkoto. 60
Amiren Amiren 0 Defeat the Listener Matriarch. 60
Diasora Diasora 0 Free the Diasora pup. 60
Shadow of the Ashen Shadow of the Ashen 0 Defeat the Shadow of the Ashen. 60
Sissna Sissna 0 Defeat the Elder Dark Sissna. 60
Children of Sissna Children of Sissna 0 Defeat Sissna in the Children of Sissna mode. 60

Ashen - Nightstorm Isle

There are 3 achievements with a total of 137 points.

Prophecy Prophecy 0 Acquire all Kol's armors. 17

Secret Achievements

Riak Riak 0 Defeat the Elder Dark Riak. 60
Children of Riak Children of Riak 0 Defeat Riak in the Children of Sissna mode. 60