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Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Achievements

Full list of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Twin-bladed Knife Twin-bladed Knife 0 Obtain an ancient weapon 25
Golden Locks Golden Locks 0 Steal the audiograph from the gallery without disabling the safeguard floor 30
Nightingale Nightingale 0 Use Semblance to mimic Shan Yun and sing into the microphone 30
Public Shaming Public Shaming 0 Drop Ivan Jacobi through the trapdoor 30
Big-time Player Big-time Player 0 Win the auction at Colibron Plaza 30
Obsessive Safe-cracker Obsessive Safe-cracker 0 Open every safe inside the main vault 30
The Perfect Crime The Perfect Crime 0 Empty the vault without tampering with any security systems, leaving everyone unharmed and asleep 30
Party Crasher Party Crasher 0 Send the vault crashing through the floor 30
The Face of the Abbey The Face of the Abbey 0 Attend the meeting as Brother Cardoza 30
Voices Voices 0 Break 4 Oraculum censers and listen to the prophecies 30
Harder than Stone Harder than Stone 0 Destroy an Envisioned cultist 30
Final Nudge Final Nudge 0 Push an enemy to his demise using Void Strike 20
Hooked Hooked 0 Send someone flying 40 meters using Hook Mines 40
Mightier than the Sword Mightier than the Sword 0 Shoot a guard in the head with a fountain pen 20
Clever Planning Clever Planning 0 Use Displace on a marker placed with Foresight and eliminate a target 20
Salute! Salute! 0 Have a guard salute you 20
Rat Whisperer Rat Whisperer 0 Listen to what swarms of rats have to say 5 times 20
Shadow Shadow 0 Finish the game without being detected 100
Agent of Mercy Agent of Mercy 0 Finish a mission without killing anyone 20
Good Old Times Good Old Times 0 Finish the Original Game+ 50
Side Effects Side Effects 0 Make 3 people vomit using a single bottle of Plagued Spirit 20
Occupational Hazard Occupational Hazard 0 Make an enemy explode into pieces using Displace 20
Mercenary Work Mercenary Work 0 Complete all contracts 75
Art Aficionado Art Aficionado 0 Collect all Eleuterio Cienfuegos paintings 50

Secret Achievements

Uncaged Uncaged 0 Free the assassin Daud 25
Two Turns Two Turns 0 Take both bank vault keys 25
Gnosis Gnosis 0 Recover the stolen archive 25
Dead Eye Dead Eye 0 Touch the Eye of the Dead God 25
Final Release Final Release 0 Return the Outsider to the mortal world 50
Deicide Deicide 0 Kill the Outsider 50