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A Way Out Achievements

Full list of A Way Out achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 14 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Freedom Freedom 0 You freed someone from captivity. 50
No Cheating No Cheating 0 You exposed some infidelity. 50
Break From Reality Break From Reality 0 You played a videogame with a friend. 50
Mayday! Mayday! 0 You almost took to the skies. 50
Backseat Mechanic Backseat Mechanic 0 You helped fix the bike. 50
Home Run Home Run 0 You are clearly good with a bat. 50

Secret Achievements

Take A Breather Take A Breather 0 You took a break from it all. 80
In Sync In Sync 0 Music was played in harmony. 80
Timeless Treasure Timeless Treasure 0 You linked up to get past. 100
Managed Anger Managed Anger 0 Dark desires done right. 80
Live The Dream Live The Dream 0 "Houston, we've had a problem." 100
Take It For A Spin Take It For A Spin 0 You did what the wind couldn't. 80
You Started It You Started It 0 Not kids anymore. 80
The Dip The Dip 0 You set a new record. 100