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Ghost of a Tale Achievements

Full list of Ghost of a Tale achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ghost of a Tale has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Unbound Unbound 0 Escape from Tilo’s cell. 25
LostHope LostHope 0 Discover Duinlan’s tomb. 25
Arachnophobia Arachnophobia 0 Rid Dwindling Heights of all spiders. 50
LakeShore LakeShore 0 Reach the desolate shore. 50
EndToEnd EndToEnd 0 Reach the end of the game. 50
GustoAndFatale GustoAndFatale 0 Complete all of Gusto and Fatale's quests. 50
LoreMaster LoreMaster 0 Finish every secondary quest. 50
MushroomKing MushroomKing 0 Gather fifty-five mushrooms. 50
Arsonist Arsonist 0 Set fire to all inflammable items in Dwindling Heights. 50
Dodgy Mouse Dodgy Mouse 0 Complete the game without getting hit by an enemy. 100
Crash Diet Crash Diet 0 Complete the game without ever eating to regain energy. 75
All Skilled Up All Skilled Up 0 Learn all skills in the adventure. 50
Like a Ghost Like a Ghost 0 Complete the game without alerting any guards. 100
The Scholar The Scholar 0 Unlock forty-five footnotes. 50
A Name to a Face A Name to a Face 0 Discover the name of every possible character in Dwindling Heights. 50
Handker-thief Handker-thief 0 Steal all of the Rat Guards' handkerchiefs. 50
The Draught The Draught 0 Open all window shutters. 25
Play All Play All 0 Play all songs during the course of the game. 50
The Pinnacle The Pinnacle 0 Reach the highest point in the highest tower. 25

Secret Achievements

GoldenSuit GoldenSuit 0 Complete the full set of Duinlan's armour. 25