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The Way Achievements

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There are 29 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

First Step First Step 0 Set your plan in motion 10
Say Hello to My Little Friend! Say Hello to My Little Friend! 0 Get a gun 10
Major Tom to Ground Control Major Tom to Ground Control 0 Land on an alien planet 10
The Big Nope The Big Nope 0 Kill the nope 10
Do it FASTER Do it FASTER 0 Unlock teleportation mode 25
Makes us STRONGER Makes us STRONGER 0 Unlock telekinesis mode 25
Work it HARDER Work it HARDER 0 Unlock shield mode 25
Wanted: Dead or Alive Wanted: Dead or Alive 0 He's after you! 25
Needle in a Haystack Needle in a Haystack 0 Find the place mentioned by an alien map 40
Liquid Life Liquid Life 0 Bring a gift of water to locals 50
I Want to Believe I Want to Believe 0 Find an alien city 50
Diggy Diggy Hole Diggy Diggy Hole 0 Dig a very long tunnel 50
Piece of Cake Piece of Cake 0 Beat the Boss 50
Remember Me Remember Me 0 Collect all memories 50
Quick Witted Quick Witted 0 Well... That was fast 25
Slow Thinker Slow Thinker 0 Take your time and do it right 50
Reckless Reckless 0 Yup, keep trying... Maybe you'll get lucky next time 10
Blind Spot Blind Spot 0 Seems those ground drones have a blind spot 50
You Call That a Bullet Hell? You Call That a Bullet Hell? 0 Beat the Boss... Without dying even once. 50
It Never Hit the Ground It Never Hit the Ground 0 Bounce, bounce, bounce... 50
Apparate! Apparate! 0 Did you just apparate to the same spot? 25
Close Enough Close Enough 0 It fits, but it doesn't work. 50
Pattern? What Pattern? Pattern? What Pattern? 0 You can't brute force the steam vents... 50
Stop Hitting Yourself! Stop Hitting Yourself! 0 Your head probably hurts like hell... 25
No Time For This! No Time For This! 0 Why climb when you can jump? 25
Play It Safe Play It Safe 0 Why jump when you can climb? 10
I thought it would work... I thought it would work... 0 ...but the explosion killed me. 50

Secret Achievements

Ever After Ever After 0 Make a choice 50
Take Me With You! Take Me With You! 0 Make a choice 50