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Deer Hunter Reloaded Achievements

Full list of Deer Hunter Reloaded achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Deer Hunter Reloaded has 28 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Big League Hunting Big League Hunting 0 Reach level 10 90
Master Hunter Master Hunter 0 Master a trophy animal 10
Master Hunter II Master Hunter II 0 Master 5 trophy animals 30
Master Big Game Hunter Master Big Game Hunter 0 Master all 9 trophy animals 90
New Digs! New Digs! 0 Purchase a new weapon 10
Lead Peddler Lead Peddler 0 Purchase a level 4+ weapon 30
Bringer of Boom Bringer of Boom 0 Purchase a level 8+ weapon 90
Quack Attack Quack Attack 0 Complete 10 Fowl hunts 10
No Small Task No Small Task 0 Shoot 100 small animals 30
I Can See Forever! I Can See Forever! 0 Fully upgrade the tracking binoculars 10
We're Gonna Need a Bigger Wall We're Gonna Need a Bigger Wall 0 Bag a Monster of every Trophy animal and Dangerous Animal type 90
Hunting License Hunting License 0 Unlock Colorado 10
Hat Trick Hat Trick 0 In one hunt, bag one of each species type in a region 30
One For the Wall One For the Wall 0 Bag a Monster Trophy Animal 30
Whoops... Whoops... 0 Bag a Doe/Cow 10
North! To Alaska! North! To Alaska! 0 Unlock Alaska 10
Heads Up! Heads Up! 0 Get a headshot on a dangerous animal 30
Bottom of the Food Chain Bottom of the Food Chain 0 Get killed by a dangerous animal 10
The Collector The Collector 0 Purchase every Weapon 90
Here We Go... Here We Go... 0 Reach level 2 10
Long Shot Long Shot 0 Get a vital shot at 200+ yards 30
Ramsey Ramsey 0 Bag Ramsey 30
Lawrence Elk Lawrence Elk 0 Bag Lawrence the Elk 30
Zeus the Moose Zeus the Moose 0 Bag Zeus the Moose 30
See You Next Season! See You Next Season! 0 Complete each region's campaign 90
Tracker Tracker 0 Tag an animal and kill it in a different hunting area 30
Tag! Tag! 0 Tag a monster animal with the binoculars 30

Secret Achievements

Take a Nap Take a Nap 0 Go prone on the bedroll 10