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Rapala Fishing Pro Series Achievements

Full list of Rapala Fishing Pro Series achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Rapala Fishing Pro Series has 32 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Lakewalk I Lakewalk I 0 Caught 2 fish in each lake 15
Lakewalk II Lakewalk II 0 Caught 10 fish in each lake 30
Lakewalk III Lakewalk III 0 Caught 40 fish in each lake 90
Lake Monsters Lake Monsters 0 Caught 20 monster fish 90
Legends of The Legendary I Legends of The Legendary I 0 Caught a legendary fish 15
Legends of The Legendary II Legends of The Legendary II 0 Caught 2 legendary fish 30
Legends of The Legendary III Legends of The Legendary III 0 Caught 3 legendary fish 90
Challenge Champ I Challenge Champ I 0 Finished 2 Daily Challenges 15
Challenge Champ II Challenge Champ II 0 Finished 10 Daily Challenges 30
Challenge Champ III Challenge Champ III 0 Finished 25 Daily Challenges 90
Top of The Lake Top of The Lake 0 Won a Daily Challenge 30
Lure Tour Lure Tour 0 Caught a fish, any fish, with each lure 30
True Angler True Angler 0 Caught a fish in each weather condition: sunny, overcast, rainy. 10
JigJig Revolution JigJig Revolution 0 Completed the retrieval pattern for every single lure 90
Fishin' Fashion Fishin' Fashion 0 Unlocked every single clothing item for your male or female angler 15
O Captain, My Captain O Captain, My Captain 0 Unlocked all boats 15
Classic Catch Classic Catch 0 Caught 2 fish with the Rapala® Original Floating® lure 10
Lure Accruer Lure Accruer 0 Got every lure in the game 30
Gotta Cast 'em All Gotta Cast 'em All 0 Found and cast into a fishing spot on each lake 30
Too Perfect! Too Perfect! 0 Accumulated 30 perfect casts in any game mode 15
Challenge Accepted! Challenge Accepted! 0 Completed any Lake Goal in Free Fishing mode 15
Three-Hour Tour Three-Hour Tour 0 Accumulated 3 hours of boat driving in any game mode 10
Grand Champion Grand Champion 0 Won Career Mode 90
First Catch First Catch 0 Caught 1 fish of any species. 10
Tug Life Tug Life 0 Pushed another boat for a half a mile. 10
This Close! This Close! 0 Missed the cut in Career Mode 10
Never Gonna Give You Up Never Gonna Give You Up 0 Placed first in a single tournament without ever changing equipment 10
All About That Bass All About That Bass 0 Caught 25 Largemouth Bass 15
The Rodfather The Rodfather 0 Caught at least 1 fish of each fish species in any game mode 30

Secret Achievements

Isn't that Cute! Isn't that Cute! 0 Lost a small fish 10
The Ones That Got Away The Ones That Got Away 0 Lost 5 monster fish 10
Breaker, Breaker, Good Buddy Breaker, Breaker, Good Buddy 0 Broke your line 25 times 10