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Don't Knock Twice Achievements

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There are 28 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Relight My Fire Relight My Fire 0 Light the candle. 10
Soul Axiom Soul Axiom 0 Find the axe. 10
Pyrotechnic Pyrotechnic 0 Find the flamethrower. 10
Pass Pass 0 Find 40% of collectables. 10
Merit Merit 0 Find 60% of collectables. 25
Distinction Distinction 0 Find 80% of collectables. 25
Here's Johnny! Here's Johnny! 0 Destroy a door handle. 25
This Is Your Life This Is Your Life 0 Read Jess' diary entries. 25
Confessions of a Teenager Confessions of a Teenager 0 Read Chloe's diary entries. 25
Bibliophile Bibliophile 0 Find 100% of collectables in a single playthrough. 100
Pot Black Pot Black 0 Pot the black snooker ball. 25
Alley-Oop! Alley-Oop! 0 Dunk the basketball. 25
Tuppence a Bag Tuppence a Bag 0 Feed the crow. 25
Matricide Matricide 0 Destroy a Russian doll. 45
Mother Russia Mother Russia 0 Destroy half of the Russian dolls. 45
Matryoshka No More Matryoshka No More 0 Destroy all of the Russian dolls. 100
Family Album Family Album 0 Find all of the family photographs. 25
Faster Than Light Faster Than Light 0 Complete the game without lighting any wall candles. 100
Dead Clever Dead Clever 0 Find 100% of collectables. 100

Secret Achievements

Fire Fire 0 Complete the Fire part of the pentagram. 10
Earth Earth 0 Complete the Earth part of the pentagram. 10
Water Water 0 Complete the Water part of the pentagram. 10
Air Air 0 Complete the Air part of the pentagram. 10
Spirit Spirit 0 Complete the Spirit part of the pentagram. 10
A Mother's Love A Mother's Love 0 Complete the ending with restraint. 45
Wales Interactive Wales Interactive 0 Burn the whale. 25
Filet-O-Crow Filet-O-Crow 0 Cook the crow. 25
The Servant's Curse The Servant's Curse 0 Complete the ending with aggression. 100