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Masquerada: Songs and Shadows Achievements

Full list of Masquerada: Songs and Shadows achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows has 27 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Beginning of the End The Beginning of the End 0 Complete the Prologue. 25
A Breath Away From Hell A Breath Away From Hell 0 Defeat the Greater Bolgia. 25
Scorn the Sorrows Scorn the Sorrows 0 Defeat the Triplets. 25
Curator Curator 0 Defeat the Antiquarian. 25
Breathe It In Breathe It In 0 Defeat the Saltbreather. 25
Mother Knows Best Mother Knows Best 0 Defeat the Matron. 25
This Is Not Our War This Is Not Our War 0 Defeat the Ancient Feravaro. 25
Ed...ward... Ed...ward... 0 Defeat the Chimera. 25
The Abyss Gazes Back The Abyss Gazes Back 0 Defeat the Mangiatore. 25
Smoke and Mirrors Smoke and Mirrors 0 Defeat the Ridiro Queen. 25
Trial by Fire Trial by Fire 0 Win the duel. 25
I Am The Law! I Am The Law! 0 Defeat the Brehon. 25
A Hero and a Martyr A Hero and a Martyr 0 Clear the final battle. 100
Songs and Shadows Songs and Shadows 0 Watch the Epilogue. 25
Collectivist Collectivist 0 Collect all inks and runes. 100
Skill Mastery Skill Mastery 0 Fully upgrade a skill. 25
Well-read Well-read 0 Collect all the codices. 100
Cicero's Sigh Cicero's Sigh 0 Respec once. 25
Hard Worker Hard Worker 0 Practice in the Training Grounds. 25
Time Traveler Time Traveler 0 Revisit a scene. 25
Light in the Mire Light in the Mire 0 Listen to all of Kalden's optional dialogues. 25
Those Who Came Before Those Who Came Before 0 Listen to all of Amadea's optional dialogues. 25
Bright Chorus Bright Chorus 0 Listen to all of Tiziana's optional dialogues. 25
Smooth Talker Smooth Talker 0 Listen to all of Vasco's optional dialogues. 25
Old Friends Old Friends 0 Listen to all of Leventhos' optional dialogues. 25
Masquerada Masquerada 0 Activate 100 Mask abilities. 100
Tag Team Tactics Tag Team Tactics 0 Trigger 250 Elemental Tags. 50