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SWORD ART ONLINE Fatal Bullet Achievements

Full list of SWORD ART ONLINE Fatal Bullet achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

SWORD ART ONLINE Fatal Bullet has 63 achievements worth 1240 gamerscore

Award Hunter Award Hunter 0 Acquire all achievements. 10
Powering Up Powering Up 0 Acquire your first ArFA-sys part. 15
Second Helping Second Helping 0 Acquire your second ArFA-sys part. 15
Triple Tune-Up Triple Tune-Up 0 Acquire your third ArFA-sys part. 15
Attack on the SBC Flügel! Attack on the SBC Flügel! 0 Defeat the SBC Flügel's gate keeper. 15
GGO God GGO God 0 Beat the game on Extreme difficulty. 30
Weaver Weaver 0 Create 5 outfits. 15
Tinkerer Tinkerer 0 Enhance or transform weapons 10 times. 15
Appraiser Appraiser 0 Appraise items 15 times. 15
Trader Trader 0 Exchange medals for items 3 times. 15
The Info Broker The Info Broker 0 Purchase info from Argo. 15
Allowance, Please! Allowance, Please! 0 Give your ArFA-sys an allowance of 100,000 credits or more. 15
Color Coordinated Color Coordinated 0 Change the color of an outfit. 15
Welcome to the World of PvP Welcome to the World of PvP 0 Participate in an online PvP match. 15
Veteran Gunslinger Veteran Gunslinger 0 Win 5 online PvP matches. 15
Welcome to the World of Co-op Welcome to the World of Co-op 0 Participate in an online co-op quest. 15
Boss Hunter Boss Hunter 0 Defeat 10 types of bosses in online co-op quests. 30
Master of the Arts Master of the Arts 0 Acquire all Weapon Arts. 15
OP OP 0 Have one stat of 150 or higher. 15
Maxed Out Maxed Out 0 Reach max level of a skill or gadget. 15
Collector Collector 0 Acquire 100 skills and/or gadgets. 15
Weapon Master Weapon Master 0 Reach the maximum level for a weapon category. 15
The Ultimate Warrior The Ultimate Warrior 0 Reach the maximum level for all weapon categories. 30
Uniquely Dead Uniquely Dead 0 Defeat your first Unique Enemy. 15
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter 0 Complete every Hunting Quest. 30
Reaper Reaper 0 Complete every Unique Enemy Quest. 30
Seeker of Fortune Seeker of Fortune 0 Complete every Treasure Quest. 15
Ranker Ranker 0 Make it into the Bounty Ranking Top 10. 15
Top Dog Top Dog 0 Reach 1st place in the Bounty Rankings. 70
Elite Player Elite Player 0 Reach level 100. 30
Oooh, Shiny! Oooh, Shiny! 0 Acquire a Legendary weapon. 15
Try It On? Try It On? 0 Give a friend an outfit as a present. 15
Master and Me Will Always Be Together! Master and Me Will Always Be Together! 0 Grow close to your ArFA-sys. 15
Naptime Naptime 0 Have a sleepover. 15
You Belong to Me! You Belong to Me! 0 Grow close to Kureha. 15
Right-Hand Woman Right-Hand Woman 0 Grow close to Zeliska. 15
Gift of a Gun Gift of a Gun 0 Receive a gun from Itsuki. 15
Popular Player Popular Player 0 Deepen your friendship with Premiere, Strea, Philia, and Rain. 15
Proof of Friendship Proof of Friendship 0 Grow close to Kirito, Asuna, Leafa, Sinon, Lisbeth, Silica, Agil, Klein, Yuuki, Yui, and Argo. 30
Best Friends Forever Best Friends Forever 0 Reach affinity level 4 with all friends (excluding additional characters). 70

Secret Achievements

Squad Leader Squad Leader 0 Become the leader of a new squadron. 15
Hero of Legend Hero of Legend 0 Defeat the final boss of the SBC Flügel. 15
Bullet of Bullets Bullet of Bullets 0 Defeat Death Gun in the BoB. 15
A Lost Friend A Lost Friend 0 Beat the game with the normal ending (Kureha's death). 30
Fall of the Uncrowned Queen Fall of the Uncrowned Queen 0 Beat the game with the normal ending (Zeliska's death). 30
A True Hero A True Hero 0 Beat the game with the true ending. 70
That's Kirito for You That's Kirito for You 0 Grow close to Asuna, Leafa, Sinon, Lisbeth, Silica, and Yuuki in Kirito Mode. 15

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - Dissonance of the Nexus

There are 16 achievements with a total of 240 points.

Hardcore Gunner Hardcore Gunner 0 Complete 12 Hardcore Co-op Quests. 15
On Another Level On Another Level 0 Reach level 270. 15
Proof of a Hero Proof of a Hero 0 Complete every Solo Hero Quest. 15
Hot as Hellfire Hot as Hellfire 0 Defeat Snowstorm Ereshkigal on Extreme difficulty. 15
Snowscape Subjugator Snowscape Subjugator 0 Defeat Cocytus Nifta on Extreme difficulty. 15
Band of Heroes Band of Heroes 0 Complete 15 types of Party Hero Quests. 15
Locked and Loaded Locked and Loaded 0 Obtain one of the weapons added in "Dissonance of the Nexus." 15
Dress the Part Dress the Part 0 Craft a Chic Dress F. 15
Time for Some Shut-Eye Time for Some Shut-Eye 0 Have sleepovers with Yuna, Eiji, and Seven. 15
Like a Dream Like a Dream 0 Have a sleepover with Sachi in Kirito Mode. 15

Secret Achievements

A Familiar Face A Familiar Face 0 Meet up with Sachi. 15
Harmonic Trio Harmonic Trio 0 Shut down the snowmaker. 15
Cold as Ice Cold as Ice 0 Defeat the Snowstorm Queen. 15
Menace No More Menace No More 0 Defeat the Freezing Menace. 15
Until Next We Meet Until Next We Meet 0 Receive mail from an unknown sender. 15
Accessory Addict Accessory Addict 0 Collect all Emblem Earrings and create a School Uniform F. 15