Ben 10 Achievements

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There are 39 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Ben 10% Ben 10% 0 You've unlocked every Boost for one of your aliens! Don't forget to try the others. 30
SUMO Blue SUMO Blue 0 You've found your first Sumo Slammer card. Keep building your collection! 20
Collateral Damage Collateral Damage 0 You've ruined five objects and an enemy's day in a single throw. 20
City Escape City Escape 0 It must be rush hour! You've completed "The City" in under 15 minutes. 20
Sweet Moves Sweet Moves 0 You've achieved a combo of 50 or more, and upset 50 or so bad guys in the process. 20
Action Hero Action Hero 0 You've achieved a combo of 100 or more, showcasing your mastery of punching a whole lot. 40
Strike! Strike! 0 You've mastered the long-lost art of clown bowling and hit 5 enemies with a rolling Tweedledee. 10
Having a Blast Having a Blast 0 You've defeated 5 Bumblebees by barely lifting a finger. 20
Time to Throw Stuff Time to Throw Stuff 0 You've defeated three especially aerodynamic enemies with a single Four Arms throw. 20 the Speed of Sound the Speed of Sound 0 You've flattened 6 enemies with a single Cannonbolt roll! 50
Well Done Well Done 0 You're heating up! You've defeated 3 enemies with a single use of Heatblast's combat ability. 20
Mind Over Matter Mind Over Matter 0 Who needs brains when you have lasers? You've hit 5 enemies with a single shot from Grey Matter! 20
Power Plant Power Plant 0 You've taken 5 enemies for a spin and defeated them all with a single use of Wildvine's ability! 20
Gotta Go Slow Gotta Go Slow 0 You've confused a Pie Juggler by defeating them while their pie was airborne with XLR8's ability. 20
Punchline Punchline 0 You've shocked a Weatherhead by dodging lightning and following up with a punch from Upgrade. 30
Diamond Ring Diamond Ring 0 You've ruined 10 enemies days by hitting them simultaneously with Diamondhead's ability. 20
Body Surfing Body Surfing 0 Three enemies are all washed up after you defeated them with a single use of Overflow's ability. 20
A Stunning Display A Stunning Display 0 You saved a Bumblebee by stunning it out of it's self-destruct (then probably defeated it anyway). 20
Objectively Skilled Objectively Skilled 0 You proved that you're a skilled combatant (and a good listener) by completing 30 bonus objectives. 20
Ultimate Force Ultimate Force 0 You've shown remarkably little restraint by defeating 10 enemies with a single Ultimate Ability. 20
They Felt That One They Felt That One 0 Gotta bounce! You've defeated 2 enemies with a spinning Weatherhead Drone. 20
Omnitricks Omnitricks 0 You've shown mastery over the Omnitrix by using all forms in one fight. 30

Secret Achievements

Hero Time Hero Time 0 You've completed every Achievement in Ben 10! Congratulations! 50
The Prime Destructive The Prime Destructive 0 You've completed the game. Thanks for playing! 20
And Then There Were Ten And Then There Were Ten 0 You've unlocked every Boost for all your alien forms! Time to show off your awesome skills! 50
SUMO Red SUMO Red 0 You've discovered half of the Sumo Slammer cards in the game! 30
SUMO Gold SUMO Gold 0 You've found every Sumo Slammer card in the game! Great job! 60
Last Laugh Last Laugh 0 You've survived the Wheel of Misfortune and put an end to Zombozo's evil schemes. 20
Buzz Off Buzz Off 0 You've survived the Hive and saved Queen Bee's "captive" audience. 20
Not Much Funhouse Not Much Funhouse 0 You've ruined Zombozo's day by completing "The Funhouse" in under 15 minutes! 20
In a Scrap In a Scrap 0 Gotta rescue Gwen and Max! You've completed "The Scrapyard" in under 15 minutes. 20
Hive Five Hive Five 0 You've survived the worst show ever made and completed "The Hive" in under 15 minutes! 20
Canyonot? Canyonot? 0 You've moved like lightning and completed "The Canyon" in under 15 minutes! 20
Torn-ay-do Torn-ah-do Torn-ay-do Torn-ah-do 0 Bet they felt that! You've completed "The Tornado" in under 15 minutes! 20
Riding the Storm Riding the Storm 0 Reach the top of the Weatherhead Tower without falling off. 20
No Small Feet No Small Feet 0 You've defeated Zombozo without taking a single point of damage! Great job! 30
To Bee or Not to Bee To Bee or Not to Bee 0 You've defeated the Queen Bee without taking a single point of damage! Amazing! 30
Didn't Feel a Thing Didn't Feel a Thing 0 You've defeated the Weatherhead Prime without being hit! Incredible! 50
Bentuition Bentuition 0 It's great that you're so enthusiastic, but please use the Omnitrix. It took a lot of time to make. 10