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Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden Achievements

Find all the Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Puzzle Mastermind Puzzle Mastermind 0 You've finished this puzzle in under a minute – great job! 30
Winners don't skip Winners don't skip 0 3 puzzles solved and no Skips used! You're no push-over! 30
Never a skipper Never a skipper 0 Wow! You just solved all of the puzzles without a single skip! Guess you're not the skipping type! 80
Quick-eye Quick-eye 0 You nailed that hidden-object scene in under a minute. You've got a real eye for the details! 50
Lady diy Lady diy 0 You've finished 3 hidden-object scenes with no hints! You want something done right do it yourself! 50
Diy Master Diy Master 0 You've finished all the hidden-object scenes with no hints! Now, that’s something! 80
3 in 3 3 in 3 0 You found 3 hidden-objects in just 3 seconds! That's 1 object per second, or really, really fast! 30
Marksman Marksman 0 You’ve got a good aim! You finished a hidden object scene with barely any mistake! 50
Speed reach Speed reach 0 You can reach every hidden corner - you beat that one in under a minute! 70
Equally matched Equally matched 0 Halfway there. You’re doing great, but there are still more secrets for you to discover! 50
Game, set, match Game, set, match 0 You've finished all the Domino games. There’s no goal you can’t reach. Congratulations! 100
Save the day Save the day 0 You’ve broken the curse of the Legates! 80
Expert gamer Expert gamer 0 Congratulations! You’ve finished the whole game on Expert Mode! 100

Secret Achievements

Pathfinder Pathfinder 0 Nothing can keep you from your goal! 20
Escape Artist Escape Artist 0 Looks like there's nothing that can stand in your way! Props! 20
Nuttin' like a furry friend Nuttin' like a furry friend 0 You never turn your back on anyone, or anything. You're a true friend to every creature in need! 20
The Florist The Florist 0 All you need is a lot of knowledge, skill and patience – and a green thumb doesn't hurt! Great job! 20
Prison Break Prison Break 0 When the world shuts the door on you, you open a window – you're a regular Houdini! 20
Say cheese! Say cheese! 0 It takes real skill to coax a camera-shy person into getting their picture taken. Way to go! 20
The Rebel The Rebel 0 Someone had to stand up to the oppression. The fates of many are in your hands. 80