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AER: Memories of Old Achievements

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Light at the end of the tunnel Light at the end of the tunnel 0 Escape the collapsing cave. 50
Attuned to the spirits Attuned to the spirits 0 Speak to all of the spirit animals. 50
Cartographer Cartographer 0 Discover all areas of the map. 50
Mama? Mama? 0 Get some Lambaby love. 50
Hide and Seek Hide and Seek 0 Find Erin when she's gone. 50
Baa from the past Baa from the past 0 Find the Ancient Llamba. 50
An uninvited guest An uninvited guest 0 Find the Crab Island. 50
In the belly of the beast In the belly of the beast 0 Find the bones of an old beast. 50
Gaze into the abyss Gaze into the abyss 0 Find the dwellings of the rift cult. 50
Memorial Memorial 0 Find the ancient battlefield. 50
Written in stone Written in stone 0 Find the chiseled stone map. 50
Condor condo Condor condo 0 Find the giant birdshrine. 50
Tails of Stone Tails of Stone 0 Find the statue of the fox. 50
Antlers of Stone Antlers of Stone 0 Find the statue of the deer. 50
Wings of Stone Wings of Stone 0 Find the statue of crane. 50
Ripples on the surface Ripples on the surface 0 Step into the well. 50

Secret Achievements

People's Haven People's Haven 0 Complete the Eventide Sanctuary. 50
Knowledge for Power Knowledge for Power 0 Complete the The Archives. 50
Mausoleum of Ice Mausoleum of Ice 0 Complete the The Monastery. 50
Equilibrium Equilibrium 0 Complete the game. 50