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FINAL FANTASY XV - Episode Prompto Achievements

Full list of FINAL FANTASY XV - Episode Prompto achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

FINAL FANTASY XV - Episode Prompto has 7 achievements worth 210 gamerscore

Unseen Assassin Unseen Assassin 0 Stealth-killed 3 enemies. 10
Sharp Shooting Sharp Shooting 0 Took down 30 enemies with crackshots. 10
Field Photographer Field Photographer 0 Took 10 photos mid-battle using Selfie Shot. 10
Unbreakable Bonds Unbreakable Bonds 0 Completed EPISODE PROMPTO on Normal. 10
An Emperor Deposed An Emperor Deposed 0 Defeated the kaiser behemoth. 50
Dogged Rider Dogged Rider 0 Earned the top ranking on all three Time Trial courses. 110

Secret Achievements

The Dragoonslayer The Dragoonslayer 0 Completed Aranea's intensive training. 10

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