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Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Achievements

Full list of Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell has 45 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

...Double-Hockey-Sticks ...Double-Hockey-Sticks 0 Conquer all of New Hades with 100% City Take Over 200
...My Dear Watson ...My Dear Watson 0 Choose a new element for all of your Supernatural Powers 20
Are You Crazy? Are You Crazy? 0 Get a Comet into the Ultor lobby 10
Barn Burner Barn Burner 0 Find 75 Barnstorming Diversion locations 10
Cluster Luck Cluster Luck 0 Collect at least five Soul Clusters without touching the ground 10
Double Trouble Double Trouble 0 Play Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Co-op for 3 hours 20
Epic Flight Quest Epic Flight Quest 0 Fly from the roof of Snowball's Chance to Sinterpol HQ's roof, without landing 20
Extra Crispy Extra Crispy 0 Die in the lava 10
Fallen Angel Fallen Angel 0 Get your first Supernatural Powers 10
Fell from Heaven Fell from Heaven 0 Purchase 113 Supernatural Power Upgrades 50
Fly, You Fools Fly, You Fools 0 Fly for 250,000 meters 50
Footprints in the Sand Footprints in the Sand 0 Kill 150 Demons with the Stomp Supernatural Power 10
Get Stoned Get Stoned 0 Stonify and Shatter Kill 100 Demons with the Stone Blast Supernatural Power 10
Gnarly Wave Gnarly Wave 0 Car surf on a Comet while it explodes 10
Hazardous Dukes Hazardous Dukes 0 Kill 25 Arch Dukes 20
H-E... H-E... 0 Complete all open world gameplay in two districts of the city of New Hades 20
Hell Buoy Hell Buoy 0 Have five Imps attached to you at one time 10
Imp-fanticide Imp-fanticide 0 Kill 50 of your own summoned Imps 10
Let's Bounce Let's Bounce 0 In Torment Fraud, hit 5 vehicles in a row without touching the ground 10
Level One Demon Level One Demon 0 Buy your first Upgrade from the Upgrade Store 10
Nailed It Nailed It 0 Get 100 kills with the God's Hammer 10
Out of the Frying Pan Out of the Frying Pan 0 Knock a vehicle into the lava 10
Oxymoronic Oxymoronic 0 Kill 100 Demons using the Coldfire Aura Supernatural Power 10
Plague of Gat Plague of Gat 0 Kill 1000 Demons with any combination of Supernatural Powers 20
Purple Demons Purple Demons 0 Have minions kill 100 Demons with the Summon Supernatural Power 10
Put Up Your Dukes Put Up Your Dukes 0 Kill an Arch Duke with a melee attack 20
Raise the Roof Raise the Roof 0 Smack into the ceiling 10 times while wall running 10
Saints' Creed Saints' Creed 0 Stand on the tallest mast of the 'Queen Anne's Revenge' 10
Satan Punchers Satan Punchers 0 Beat the game 50
Seraphim and Cherubim Seraphim and Cherubim 0 Play for at least 2 hours as Gat and 2 hours as Kinzie 20
Shooting Star Shooting Star 0 Fly for 500 meters while on fire 10
Shut Your Eyes Shut Your Eyes 0 Get 250 kills with the Essence of Wrath 10
Sloth Love Chunk Sloth Love Chunk 0 Get 250 kills with the Essence of Sloth 10
Soft Shoe Soft Shoe 0 Stay in contact with the lava for 10 seconds without dying 10
Soul Drain Soul Drain 0 Find 100% of all Soul Clusters 20
Soul in One Soul in One 0 Find 100 Soul Clusters 20
Terminal Hog Terminal Hog 0 Take down an Extraction Facility while on a motorcycle 10
The Book of More, Man The Book of More, Man 0 Find 64 Tomes 50
The Devil's Dues The Devil's Dues 0 Upgrade one weapon to the max 20
The King of Hell The King of Hell 0 Complete ALL of the Challenges 50
The Seven Deadly Weapons The Seven Deadly Weapons 0 Kill 25 Demons with each of the Seven Deadly Weapons 50
The Wings of Angels The Wings of Angels 0 Be airborne during Supernatural Jumps or Flight for a combined 10 minutes of gameplay 10
Top Gunner Top Gunner 0 Shoot down a Spire missile with a blast while hovering 10
Transcontinental Transcontinental 0 Fly continuously for 60 seconds 10
Twenty-Twenty Vision Twenty-Twenty Vision 0 Spend over 20 hours in Hell 20