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Mulaka Achievements

Find all the Mulaka achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 14 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Power Overwhelming Power Overwhelming 0 Beat the game losing 8 souls total at most. 155
From the Top From the Top 0 Beat the game. 130
Master Sukurúame Master Sukurúame 0 Purchased all upgrades. 110
Friendly Fire Friendly Fire 0 Made an enemy kill another one by accident. 95
Swift Lancer Swift Lancer 0 Used all combos at least once. 80
A Link Between Worlds A Link Between Worlds 0 Interacted with every ghost in the game. 65
One With Nature One With Nature 0 Used each potion at least 20 times. 55
FINISH HIM!! FINISH HIM!! 0 Defeated 50 enemies using the finisher. 45
Warrior Warrior 0 Defeated 200 enemies. 40
Bear Stare Bear Stare 0 Used the Bear transformation to defeat a Boss. 35

Secret Achievements

Property Damage Property Damage 0 Destroyed 20 tents in Paquimé's Market. 40
PETA's been informed of your behaviour PETA's been informed of your behaviour 0 Attempted to hit a pheasant. 35
This is not Zel..that game This is not Zel..that game 0 Attempted to destroy a vase in Paquimé. 35
Light Feet Light Feet 0 Sprinted for over a minute without stopping. 80