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Beholder: Complete Edition Achievements

Full list of Beholder: Complete Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Beholder: Complete Edition has 48 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Die Like You Mean It Die Like You Mean It 0 Be killed by a tenant 15
I Did Nothing! I Did Nothing! 0 Push a tenant to their limit 15
Billing Them Softly Billing Them Softly 0 Be caught in a theft 15
Not a Big Dealer Not a Big Dealer 0 Report the drug maker 15
Family Guy Family Guy 0 Get on track with your family 15
White Papers, Black Mails White Papers, Black Mails 0 Write a blackmailing letter 15
Bahama Mama Bahama Mama 0 Set the Shimmers off to cruise 15
My Heart Will Go On My Heart Will Go On 0 Set the Shimmers off to sailing the barge 15
I Choose Violence I Choose Violence 0 Dishouse Klaus Shimmer in a hard way 15
Pimp My Bride Pimp My Bride 0 Find a woman for Shpak 15
Dirty Hands Dirty Hands 0 Take part in the attempt on the life of the General 15
Not So Dumb Not So Dumb 0 This dumb is not mine! 15
Easy Virtue Easy Virtue 0 Klara lived in the house twice 30
Brave New World Brave New World 0 The New Tomorrow is already here! 30
Freedom is Slavery Freedom is Slavery 0 State influence upon citizens life increased 15
What Is It Good For? What Is It Good For? 0 The war ended with ceasefire 30
War Never Changes War Never Changes 0 Battle actions still take place on the border 15
Their Grass is Greener Their Grass is Greener 0 Carl went abroad 30
Iron Curtain Iron Curtain 0 Carl left in the country 15
Beholden To No One Beholden To No One 0 I have nothing to behold 15
Most Important Thing Most Important Thing 0 All your family is alive 65
Wetback Wall Wetback Wall 0 Carl was caught on the border while he was trying to escape 15
Heart attack or Validation? Heart attack or Validation? 0 Carl failed the Fit and Proper test 30
I'm Too Old For This I'm Too Old For This 0 Undergo the Blissful Sleep procedure in advance 15
Sleep Tight Sleep Tight 0 Hector slept his Blissful Sleep 15
District 9 District 9 0 Hector ended his life in the slums 30
Without a Severance Pay Without a Severance Pay 0 Hector went abroad 30
Dolce Vita Dolce Vita 0 Hector went abroad and guaranteed a comfortable life 65
111 kilometers 111 kilometers 0 Work in the Archives till the end of your life 30
Love Potion No. 9 Love Potion No. 9 0 They lived happily… or not 15
Iron Fist Iron Fist 0 Bring justice 15
Dance, dance! Dance, dance! 0 Find Zlata Schimmer's biological parents 30
It's not my business It's not my business 0 Don't touch secrets of the past 15
Yo-ho-ho Yo-ho-ho 0 Be friends with a pirate 15
At both fronts At both fronts 0 Contribute to art development 15

Secret Achievements

Parental Control Parental Control 0 Report Martha 15
Brainless Braveheart Brainless Braveheart 0 Drink poisoned coffee 15
Bad Time Stories Bad Time Stories 0 Tune the agitation device on the children radio wave 30
Citizen Shteyn Citizen Shteyn 0 Carl became a gold standard of a model citizen 30
No Man's Spy No Man's Spy 0 Be out of conceit with the secret ending 15
Merry Drakaris Merry Drakaris 0 Warm the old lady 15
Leg Grower Leg Grower 0 Help the war veteran grow back his leg 15
Awesome Descartres Awesome Descartres 0 There can't be too many thoughts! 15
Look into the monsters' eyes Look into the monsters' eyes 0 Fear must be overcome 15
Blast from the past Blast from the past 0 When the ghosts from your past haunt you 15
Law and Order Law and Order 0 Talk to the cat in one language 30
Whiskered idler Whiskered idler 0 Try to get rid of the animal 15
Live like a boss Live like a boss 0 Feed the cat with banned food 15