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Fumiko! Achievements

Full list of Fumiko! achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Fumiko! has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Found a Memory Fragment Found a Memory Fragment 0 You've found a stray file containing communication data. 10
Found 5 Memory Fragments Found 5 Memory Fragments 0 You've delved deeper into the hidden communication data. 10
Found 10 Memory Fragments Found 10 Memory Fragments 0 You are quite the collector. 10
Found 15 Memory Fragments Found 15 Memory Fragments 0 Nothing can hide from your eyes. 20
Found 20 Memory Fragments Found 20 Memory Fragments 0 All makes sense now. Does it? 20
Forgotten Memories Forgotten Memories 0 You learned more about the network by finding hidden communication fragments. 30
Freedom Freedom 0 You've managed to escape the I.M. - For now. 50
You can't tell me where to go! You can't tell me where to go! 0 You jumped to your death instead of using the safe exit node. 10
We'll meet again We'll meet again 0 A familiar face. 10
Dance Apprentice Dance Apprentice 0 You learned how to dance. Use this in a special place in Hyperion. 10
Connected! Connected! 0 Someone attached an S.O.S. module to you. 50
Lonely Dancer Lonely Dancer 0 Quite the performance. 100
Five Points for Orange! Five Points for Orange! 0 Fair game. 50
The Lost City The Lost City 0 You deactivated the barriers that kept you from accessing Kronos' past. 100

Secret Achievements

ctrl+z ctrl+z 0 That wasn't supposed to happen. 10
The Death of Secur-o-Tron The Death of Secur-o-Tron 0 He was able to save you, but not himself. 10
The Rescue of Secur-o-Tron The Rescue of Secur-o-Tron 0 Someone is waiting for you. 200
A Part of Me A Part of Me 0 You consumed Eunomia. 100
Sweet Revenge Sweet Revenge 0 You consumed Wilson. 100
Leave the Network Leave the Network 0 Was this a good idea? 100