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Past Cure Achievements

Find all the Past Cure achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 13 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Live to See Another Day Live to See Another Day 0 Clear the level "My Personal Battlefield." 50
Bedtime Bedtime 0 Clear the level "Sleepless Nights." 50
Checkmate Checkmate 0 Clear the level "Past Secrets." 50
Parking Ticket Parking Ticket 0 Make your way up to the lobby. 50
Room Service Room Service 0 Get the contents of Dr. Fletcher's suitcase and unlock every safe. 50
Prison Break Prison Break 0 Escape the prison dead or alive. 50
Get your meds Get your meds 0 Retrieve the black pill. 50
Paint It Black Paint It Black 0 Take the black pill and defeat Amos. 100
Suprise! Suprise! 0 Kill an agent that sees you before he can call for help. 50
Master of time Master of time 0 Kill 5 agents in a row while in slow motion. 100
Bull in a China Shop Bull in a China Shop 0 Kill 25 porcelain figures in your nightmare. 100
Kung Fu Master Kung Fu Master 0 Complete 3 full combo's that kill enemies within 10 seconds. 100
Godlike Godlike 0 Kill 3 agents in one shot. 200