Monopoly Plus Achievements

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There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Good Start Good Start 0 Own your first property 30
Investor Investor 0 Build your first house 30
VIP VIP 0 Build your first hotel 30
Pole Position Pole Position 0 Be the first player to start 30
Bargain Master Bargain Master 0 Get a property for at least 10% less than its original price (Auction) 30
Precocious Precocious 0 Collect a rent during your first turn 30
Business Master Business Master 0 Complete two color sets in one trade 80
Lucky Draw Lucky Draw 0 Get more than M100 thanks to a card 30
Out of Stock Out of Stock 0 See the bank run out of houses 110
Collector Collector 0 Get one property of each color 150
Great Income Great Income 0 Collect a rent payment of more than M700 100
Now We Can Play Now We Can Play 0 Build an hotel on each property of at least 2 colour sets during the same game 200
Your Way Your Way 0 Win a game using one “House Rule” 50
Champion Champion 0 Win a 6-player game (in local multiplayer) 50
The Master The Master 0 Win a game 50

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