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R.B.I. Baseball 18 Achievements

Find all the R.B.I. Baseball 18 achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 19 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Big Grab Big Grab 0 Rob a home run -- any mode 30
Ready to Go Ready to Go 0 Complete all gameplay tutorials 20
Wheel and Deal Wheel and Deal 0 Complete Trade with CPU in Franchise Mode 20
Derby Champ Derby Champ 0 Win the HR Derby against CPU 60
Long Haul Long Haul 0 Complete full season in Franchise Mode 50
R.B.I. Royalty	R.B.I. Royalty 0 Hit 1000 RBIs (any mode) 200
Old-Time Tater Old-Time Tater 0 Hit a grand slam with a Legend player 30
Old-Time Hurler Old-Time Hurler 0 Win a Complete Game with a single Legend Pitcher 30
Sac Attack Sac Attack 0 Score a run after tagging up on fly ball vs CPU or Smart Match 20
Patience Prevails Patience Prevails 0 Score an RBI on a walk vs CPU or Smart Match 30
Head to Head Head to Head 0 Win an Online Smart Match 50
Top Dog - Wins Top Dog - Wins 0 Beat the 2017 Wins leader: 19 Wins in a season with a single pitcher 50
Top Dog - Home Runs Top Dog - Home Runs 0 Beat the 2017 HR leader: 60 Home Runs in a season with a single player 50
Top Dog - Stolen Bases Top Dog - Stolen Bases 0 Beat the 2017 Stolen Base leader: 61 Stolen Bases in a season with a single player 50
Feel the Squeeze Feel the Squeeze 0 Win a game on a Suicide Squeeze (runner leaves 3rd before contact on a bunt) vs CPU or Smart Match 30
Fool Me Once Fool Me Once 0 Tag a runner out in rundown using pump fake (Smart Match only) 30
Pitcher's Best Friend Pitcher's Best Friend 0 Turn double play on a comebacker to pitcher vs CPU or Smart Match 20
Hardware Hunter Hardware Hunter 0 Win the World Series (Franchise Mode only - no simmed games during season) 200
Taters Served All Day Taters Served All Day 0 Hit back to back to back home runs in Derby 30