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FINAL FANTASY XV - Royal Pack Achievements

Find all the FINAL FANTASY XV - Royal Pack achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 7 achievements with a total of 210 points.

Pursuit of Knowledge Pursuit of Knowledge 0 Filled 80% of the Datalog. 10
Speed Daemon Speed Daemon 0 Posted excellent times in all cross-country test drives. 10

Secret Achievements

Maiden Voyage Maiden Voyage 0 Captained the royal vessel. 10
Narwhal Watching Narwhal Watching 0 Encountered Bismarck. 10
The Power Within The Power Within 0 Awakened to the True Power of Kings. 50
Tri-Headed Triumph Tri-Headed Triumph 0 Defeated Cerberus. 10
Through the Dimensional Rift Through the Dimensional Rift 0 Defeated Omega. 110

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