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Boom Ball Achievements

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There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Silver Medalist Silver Medalist 0 Reach silver time in 10 levels. 20
Silver Collector Silver Collector 0 Reach silver time in 25 levels. 30
Silver Champion Silver Champion 0 Reach silver time in all levels. 100
Gold Medalist Gold Medalist 0 Reach gold time in 5 levels. 20
Gold Collector Gold Collector 0 Reach gold time in 10 levels. 30
Gold Hoarder Gold Hoarder 0 Reach gold time in 25 levels. 50
Swimming in Gold Swimming in Gold 0 Reach gold time in all levels. 100
Ball Conservationist Ball Conservationist 0 Clear all levels without losing any balls (multiballs don’t count). 100
Leaf Blower Leaf Blower 0 Clear all levels in the Forest area. 30
Zen Exploder Zen Exploder 0 Clear all levels in the Garden area. 30
Sand Blaster Sand Blaster 0 Clear all levels in the Desert area. 30
Dive Bomber Dive Bomber 0 Clear all levels in the Underwater area. 30
Space Destroyer Space Destroyer 0 Clear all levels in the Space area. 30
Knower of the Secret Knower of the Secret 0 Unlock the secret level by clearing all other levels. 50
Black Belt Cube Slicer Black Belt Cube Slicer 0 Reach a score of 1,500 in the secret level (#55). 50
Unlocking 101 Unlocking 101 0 Earn enough stars to unlock the Garden area. 5
Cube Hitter Cube Hitter 0 Hit 5,000 cubes (fireballs don’t count). 20
Cube Champion Cube Champion 0 Hit 20,000 cubes (fireballs don’t count). 40
Cubonator Cubonator 0 Hit 100,000 cubes (fireballs don’t count). 50
Pyrotechnician Pyrotechnician 0 Blow up 5,000 other cubes by using explosive cubes. 50
Multitasker Multitasker 0 Keep at least 3 balls in play 15 seconds. Hit each ball at least once and don't lose any balls. 50
Left, Right, Left, Right Left, Right, Left, Right 0 Hit the same ball alternately with the left and right hand 10 times without hitting any other balls. 25
Multiballistic Multiballistic 0 Hit at least 6 different balls without losing any balls in between. 50
Juggernaut Juggernaut 0 Break at least 30 cubes with a single heavy ball (explosion chain reactions don’t count). 10