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Deep Ones Achievements

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Rolling in the Deep Rolling in the Deep 0 The diver falls to the bottom 20
Seahorse, run! Seahorse, run! 0 Escape from the shark 30
You fight like a cow! You fight like a cow! 0 Take the ship aboard 30
One man siege One man siege 0 Welcome to the fort 25
Three-headed monkey! Three-headed monkey! 0 What about drinked? 25
Jailbreak Jailbreak 0 Escape from azkaban 25
I Want to Play a Game I Want to Play a Game 0 We will not be hampered by gears or levers 30
Cthulhu Rise Cthulhu Rise 0 See the lair of the monster 35
To Infinity and Beyond! To Infinity and Beyond! 0 Get out of the nest 40
Alone I Break Alone I Break 0 Go ashore 60
Tortoise soup Tortoise soup 0 You need to kill 30 turtles 100
You like a Rick Grimes You like a Rick Grimes 0 You need to kill a 100 pirates 100
My dad Black Beard My dad Black Beard 0 Kill the captain on the ship 3 times 100
We have fins for lunch We have fins for lunch 0 You need to kill a 20 sharks 100
My friend Pink Patrick My friend Pink Patrick 0 Third level. Don't get damage from stars 40
Safe landing Safe landing 0 Don't get damage from crabs after shipwreck, but don't kill them 35
Jelly fish party Jelly fish party 0 Don't die from jelly fishes on 25 level 40
Don't touch me now Don't touch me now 0 Do not get damage from Stonefish 35
Rolling Stones Rolling Stones 0 Survive after the rolling stone 30
You shall not pass You shall not pass 0 You need to kill 9 fugu fish 100