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The Adventure Pals Achievements

Find all the The Adventure Pals achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 31 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

First Pal First Pal 0 Got your first pal. 15
Bake Off Bake Off 0 Collect your first cupcake 15
Next Level Next Level 0 Level up your abilities for the first time 15
Mission Accomplished Mission Accomplished 0 Complete your first objective 15
On The Beach On The Beach 0 Made it to the second island 15
Nine Lives Nine Lives 0 You've used your nine, but don't give up 15
Sword Play Sword Play 0 Defeat all the Arenas 40
Bring a friend Bring a friend 0 Start a two player co-op game. 40
Speed Merchant Speed Merchant 0 Complete a stage in less than 3 minutes 40
Cake Boss Cake Boss 0 Collect 10 cupcakes 30
Baking Me Crazy Baking Me Crazy 0 Use the Cupcake Convertor 15
Swords Man Swords Man 0 Vanquish 10 enemies 15
Forging Ahead Forging Ahead 0 Use a Weapon Mod 15
Extinction Extinction 0 Kill 20 yaks on the world map 30
Bark Worse Than Bite Bark Worse Than Bite 0 Defeat Treefist 30
Yolks On You Yolks On You 0 Defeat The Breakfast Buccaneer 30
One in a Melon One in a Melon 0 Defeat The Veggiesaur 30
Feeling Crabby Feeling Crabby 0 Defeat Mr B's Crab mech 40
Nice To Meat You Nice To Meat You 0 Defeat ??? 40
Good Brief Good Brief 0 Give the whale the old mans underwear 40
Rejuvenation Rejuvenation 0 Release 50 old people from hotdogs 40
Bunny Business Bunny Business 0 Kill an enemy that's been turned in to a bunny 40
Stick To It Stick To It 0 Find 50% of the stickers 40
Traumatised Traumatised 0 Beat an arena 40
Tongue Out Of Cheek Tongue Out Of Cheek 0 Giraffe-copter for 5 minutes in total 40
Headache Headache 0 kill 100 enemies by jumping on their heads 40
Have My Babies Have My Babies 0 Get all achievements 55
Obesity Obesity 0 Unlock all costumes 45
Catch 'Em All Catch 'Em All 0 Fully Level Up 45
Reunited Reunited 0 Finish The Game 45
Stuck To It Stuck To It 0 Fill up your sticker book 45