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Ancestors Legacy Achievements

Find all the Ancestors Legacy achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Off the Course Off the Course 0 Completed the mission 'Off The Course' 10
Lindisfarne Riches Lindisfarne Riches 0 Completed Ulf Ironbeard's campaing 40
Rurik's Reign Rurik's Reign 0 Completed Rurik's campaign 40
Edward and Godwin Edward and Godwin 0 Completed Edward the Confessor's campaign 40
Harold's Guerilla Warriors Harold's Guerilla Warriors 0 Completed Harold II Godwinson's campaign 40
Rudolf of Habsburg Rudolf of Habsburg 0 Completed Rudolf I's campaign 40
Mieszko Mieszko 0 Completed Mieszko I's campaign 40
Firestarter Firestarter 0 Started a match in Multiplayer or Skirmish against any opponent 10
Indisputable Indisputable 0 Won a Multiplayer match or Skirmish in less than 8 minutes 30
Uber Micro Uber Micro 0 Won a match against an AI on Insane difficulty 60
Squad Proficiency Squad Proficiency 0 Specialized ten squads 10
Squad Veterancy Squad Veterancy 0 Unlocked veterancy on any unit ten times 10
Lost Ones Lost Ones 0 Replenished a squad ten times 10
Through Defenses Through Defenses 0 Destroyed a village with a Gold defense 10
War Veteran War Veteran 0 Defeated each type of unit in the game at least once 60
Commander Veteran Commander Veteran 0 Recruited each type of unit in the game at least once 20
It's a TRAP! It's a TRAP! 0 Detected and destroyed five enemy traps 10
Time to Work Time to Work 0 Sent peasants to work at a resource point 50 times 20
Untouchable Untouchable 0 Defeated an entire enemy squad with only ranged attacks 20
A Ship That Doesn't Sink A Ship That Doesn't Sink 0 Helped at least 8 drakkars survive in the mission 'The Last Impediment' 30
All for Rurik All for Rurik 0 Captured and held all the villages in the mission 'Battle on Two Fronts' 30
Edward Needs Those Edward Needs Those 0 Delivered 5+ catapults before the night-time in the mission 'Wells Under Siege' 20
Dunstan's Revenge Dunstan's Revenge 0 Killed Harald Hardrada in less than 5 minutes in 'Before They Find Out' 30
Vienna's Finest Armor Vienna's Finest Armor 0 Picked up all the armors in the mission 'The Siege Of Vienna' 20
Under Mieszko's Banner Under Mieszko's Banner 0 Captured the village of Kopyto in mission 'The Battle Of Cedynia' 20
NO LIFE IS WORTH SAVING... NO LIFE IS WORTH SAVING... 0 Killed 2000 peasants 60
Who is there? Who is there? 0 Sneaked into the enemy base undetected in the mission 'Siege Of Niemcza' 10
Church of misery Church of misery 0 Discovered what happened to the villagers at the 'Battle Of The River Bug' 10
Not on my watch! Not on my watch! 0 Destroyed all the enemy ships in the mission 'Fearsome Mercenaries' 20
Boleslav the Brave Boleslav the Brave 0 Completed Boleslav I the Brave's campaign 40
Goodfella Goodfella 0 Killed every bandit and saved all the villagers in 'The Knights Of The Cross' 20
Elite Marksman Elite Marksman 0 Defended Lubawa using only ranged units in the mission 'Battle Of Lubawa' 20
Teutonic Meticulousness Teutonic Meticulousness 0 Captured all the villages in the mission 'Battle Of Christburg' 10
Trap Sweeper Trap Sweeper 0 Disarmed all the traps without being detected in the mission 'The Night Hunters' 10
Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg 0 Finished the 'Battle of Lidzbark' in less than 25 minutes 30
Konrad von Thierberg Konrad von Thierberg 0 Completed the Teutonic Order campaign 40
The Rest Is History The Rest Is History 0 Completed all the campaigns of the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans and Slavs 60