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Battlezone Gold Edition Achievements

Find all the Battlezone Gold Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Training Wheels Training Wheels 0 Complete the intro mission 5
Space Cadet Space Cadet 0 Complete a medium campaign on easy difficulty 10
Space Captain Space Captain 0 Complete a long campaign on easy difficulty 10
Space Colonel Space Colonel 0 Complete a medium campaign on normal difficulty 10
Space General Space General 0 Complete a long campaign on normal difficulty 10
Space Warrior Space Warrior 0 Complete a medium length campaign on hard difficulty 10
Space Avenger Space Avenger 0 Complete a long campaign on hard difficulty 50
Classic Classic 0 Kill a light tank with the heavy cannon 5
Squad Squad 0 Complete a mission with 4 players 10
It Begins It Begins 0 Complete 1 early campaign mission 5
Warming Up Warming Up 0 Complete 1 mid-campaign mission 10
The Final Push The Final Push 0 Complete 1 end-game mission 10
Forest Moon Forest Moon 0 Destroy a Shield Generator 10
Efficient Efficient 0 Kill 2 enemies with 1 shot 10
Hoppy Shopper Hoppy Shopper 0 Visit every Supply Point on a campaign map 10
Fog Of What? Fog Of What? 0 Reveal all hexes on a campaign map 10
Watch The Paintwork Watch The Paintwork 0 Complete a mission without taking damage 5
Speed Freak Speed Freak 0 Use Turbo for a total of 1 hour 10
1337 Hax 1337 Hax 0 Convert a building 5
Bullet Hell Bullet Hell 0 Kill 4 enemies with a single multi-lockon salvo 10
Dead Shot Dead Shot 0 Get 100% accuracy in a mission 50
Spy Spy 0 Launch a probe 5
War Gear War Gear 0 Enable the active reload 5
Hot Shot Hot Shot 0 Get a kill with a power shot 10
Trap Shoot Trap Shoot 0 Shoot down an incoming homing missile 10
The Hard Way The Hard Way 0 Kill a Hopper with the Artillery. 10
The Long Way Round The Long Way Round 0 Reach the volcano 10
Ace Pilot Ace Pilot 0 Drive every tank 50
With A Little Help From My Friends With A Little Help From My Friends 0 Beat the campaign with 4 players 10
Undeviated Undeviated 0 Complete a campaign without destroying any Shield Generator hexes 50
Defenseless Defenseless 0 Destroy all Shield Generators in a campaign 10
Sorry Ed Sorry Ed 0 Beat the AI Core. 25
Packing Heat Packing Heat 0 Fill all the loadout slots on your tank 10
Hole In One Hole In One 0 Kill an enemy from more than 120m away 10
Tank Killer Tank Killer 0 Destroy 1000 enemy tanks 10
Ack Ack Ack Ack 0 Destroy 500 enemy Hoppers 10
Tower Defense Tower Defense 0 Destroy 750 enemy towers 10
Testudo Testudo 0 Max out shields and equip the Shield Boost 10
Tooled Up Tooled Up 0 Unlock 100 weapons 50
Untouchable Untouchable 0 Complete a medium length map on Hard without losing a life 25
Life Get Life Get 0 Collect 10,000,000 Data 100
Undaunted Undaunted 0 Defeat a Nemesis 25
But Is It Art? But Is It Art? 0 Get 3 kills with a single Artillery shot 10
Teamwork Teamwork 0 Go from start to finish with the same 4 players 10
Marathon Marathon 0 Complete 10 campaigns on Normal difficulty or above 100
Pacifist Pacifist 0 Complete a mission without firing a shot 50
King Cobra King Cobra 0 Complete a map on Extreme difficulty 100

Secret Achievements

Stop, Thief Stop, Thief 0 Kill a UFO 5
Game Over Game Over 0 Lose all your lives 5